Another Milestone: Kitchen Cabinets Revealed!

Yesterday Josh and I had a date with Greg the Tile Guy to determine the layout of the master bath floor tile and height of the trim in there. With those decisions made, we headed upstairs to see what Mike Singer was up to. And look what we found!

Zippity doo dah! The south wall of the kitchen; the big space is for the fridge and the smaller one is where the oven goes. On the left wall in the corner we will hang floating shelves and place some arrangement of attractive items. Look at all that storage – keeping that wall and using the full height of it for cabinetry was the only way we were able to eliminate that hideous pantry between the kitchen and dining room. I love it when big decisions are confirmed.

That corner again, looking east. The sink goes under the window.

Not sure what goes in here yet, but it’s nice to see how the corner unit works!

If memory serves (I did order these in January, after all) we decided against a dedicated trash cabinet and opted instead to put our garbage, recycling, and compost bins under the sink. We just couldn’t sacrifice other storage to have a whole cabinet just for kitchen waste.

The drawers and interior fittings run smoothly and look great.

The rest of the east wall cabinets. Mike nearly gave me a heart attack when he said to me (before I’d laid eyes on them), “Boy, you sure are making a statement with that orange cabinet!” I think it looks incredible; it’s important to keep in mind that when all is said and done the only orange that will show is the border around the drawers.

Isn’t this pretty? This is the bamboo of the island, too. This cabinet has no door by design, so we’ll have to be sure that whatever we store in here is worth looking at.

As you know, these babies arrived in May and spent nearly three months in the garage — sometimes serving as a work surface. It was torture to have the cabinets in the house for so long but not be able to see what they look like. The color turned out so beautifully – these photos do not do it proper justice!

Next up: Finish unpacking this:

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Still thinking about TV Room shelves

Perhaps I was being a bit optimistic in my last TV Room post when I said that 12-inch shelves would be deep enough to store all of our media components. On the way to our meeting last Monday, Josh expressed concern about this (much to my consternation – I thought I’d found the perfect solution!), and since most of our electronics are actually stored in the man cave at the house we were able to confirm that the TiVO is 13 inches deep and our receiver is even deeper than that. Shucks.

So my first response was to spend about 4 hours Monday night obsessively looking online for something else. Cross-eyed and empty-handed, I gave up and resolved to let it go for a few days; after all, we’re still a good number of weeks away from moving in anyway.

Just this morning, however, during my regular cruise of my favorite design blogs, I may have stumbled upon some exciting alternatives! I love it when this happens – serendipity is a beautiful thing.

The first item I discovered is the Mimic Cube by Crate and Barrel. When I saw this photo on ChicTip I thought, “hmmm… now there’s an intriguing and totally customizable option!”

Having learned my lesson, I immediately checked the cube dimensions and learned they are 18×18 – plenty large enough. Each cube is sold separately, which means we could design a pretty cool custom arrangement along the big wall of the TV room, using negative space as a major design element. I love how open these are aesthetically, but I do worry about the total lack of closed storage. Not everything we own is worth looking at all the time.

While on the Crate and Barrel Web site, I happened to see a link to their fall catalog, which you can flip through online and, of course, link directly to pages about any of the items in each photo. And check out what I discovered on pages 26 and 27:

It’s called Ascend and comes in four pices: 27 inch 2-drawer and open cube units, and 55 inch 2-door slider and open cube units. All are 15 inches deep, which is probably just enough to accommodate our electronics (at least we know our turntable and LP’s will fit; oh, wait, we don’t have a turntable and LP’s).

What I like about both of these solutions is that they provide a way to “step” the shelving to create some visual interest and avoid things looking too blocky. We could have the pieces start tall in the corner and gradually step down towards the middle of the wall – kind of a tapering effect. That would leave the left side of the wall open, which is probably best anyway because that’s where the chaise bit of the sofa is and we want to leave plenty of space to walk around there. Surely we could find some nifty art to hang there, too.

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Creating a Home Office – For 2

Over the course of the 2+ years we lived in our house before kicking off this little project, the thing that caused us the most continuous consternation was work space: mine and Josh’s. For a while I thought I could get away without one (given that I spend most of my home work time parked on a sofa with my laptop on my legs) but that’s crazy talk. A woman needs, at the very least, a few drawers for pens, scissors, tape, etc. and a surface to collect piles of mail before recycling most of it. Not to mention a bulletin board to make sure I don’t lose track of my City Arts and Lectures season tickets. So I ended up with a little Elfa desk shoved into the TV room closet. Definitely not a long term solution.

Next door, the office was entirely Josh’s – meaning it housed an ever-evolving rotation of IKEA storage, vintage desks, and furniture rejects from other parts of the house. It never came together in a way that either one of us liked. So now that we have a clean slate I am really hoping we can put together a space that suits our needs and pleases our eye! Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Let’s start with the sofa under the window. It’s one we already own and like a whole lot and is, as we speak, getting reupholstered – the gray fabric it came with had definitely seen better days.

The inspiration for the new fabric came from the Angela Adams rug we plan to use in here, the Canopy Breeze.

The sofa color is the gold/beige leaf – it looked great against the sample of the rug so let’s hope that it comes together when the actual rug and sofa are in there together.

Next to the sofa I’m showing our Kartell Componibili as a side table. It arrived after we moved out and is still in the box, so we’ll have to see what it looks like in person, sitting next to the sofa.

OK – so far we have a rug, a sofa, and a side table. Great, but where to work? The two largest walls in the room are on the north:

(Woah. Blurry. What happened?)

And the east:

These feel like the most logical spots for some kind of desk situation. So far I’ve found three favorites.

The first favorite is the Enchord desk from Design Within Reach. Clean, simple, airy, but not boring. There’s no front or back, so we could decide for ourselves which side to put the lower shelf on. Clearly, it has no storage (for all those pens and scissors, remember?), so we’d also have to get the Enchord mobile cabinet.

This option is high on aesthetics, but has drawbacks, too: first, I’m not sold on the separate desk/cabinet idea; second, these two puppies run $1,200 and we’d need to double that so we both have a complete work space; and third, the desk is 29 inches deep, which is much more depth than either one of us needs or wants.

The second favorite is a similar design offered by our friends at CB2 – The Fold Desk.

I’m clearly drawn to the mix of white and wood. At 24 inches deep, it offers the slimmer profile that we’re looking for, and at $399- the price is much more attractive, too. But there’s that pesky need for a rolling storage cabinet again. The TPS cabinet offers two shallow and one file drawer for $149-. So a total of $550- sure beats the DWR price tag.

The third favorite comes from  — where else — IKEA. I always feel like I need an IKEA option; the prices can’t be beat and sometimes the stuff actually looks great.

This is a desk created with two Vika Alex drawer units ($80 each) and a Vika Amon table top ($20). At a depth of 22 7/8 inches (gotta love that metric conversion) it’s the slimmest option of all three. Since neither one of us plans to park a computer monitor on our desk we can deal with a pretty shallow work surface, and I think the room would feel less crowded with shallower desks. There’s something about all those drawers that makes my heart skip a beat (though they offer no file storage so we’d have to relegate that to the closet). Never mind the price: $180-. If the presence of two blocky drawer units is too heavy, we can always opt for legs on one side instead. We could even inject some creative flair by using these legs (before we moved out we had the sideboard that has these and it was a really cool looking piece):

So for now this what I’m showing in the floor plan.

We’ll both have additional storage needs, so I’m also showing two Crossroads bookcases that meet at the corner; the same ones I’m thinking about putting in the TV room. I like the idea of having some similarity between the two rooms that are next door to each other to create a little cohesion, without being totally matchy-matchy. And while I don’t want to load up each wall from floor to ceiling with shelves and stuff, some height differential in the room is important to keep the eye moving.

So other than that and the plant in the corner, that’s it for now. We’ll need some lighting and probably a foot stool of some kind, but those can wait. First, we need to figure out how to arrange this home office for two!

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Latest TV Room Ruminations

Often after I publish a “rumination” post I’ll ask Josh to read it and give me feedback on the ideas. It’s turned out to be a pretty handy way to discuss furniture plans. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the discussion following my recent TV room post yielded some important insights:

  1. Wood shelves will make more of a statement than we want
  2. Some aspect of closed storage is essential (for tucking away things like remotes), but some open is necessary, too
  3. We are a little nervous about lining that entire wall with shelving, as it could make the space between the shelves and the chaise part of the sofa feel crowded

And subsequent to these realizations, I also concluded that the CB2 Kickstand wall shelf is too lofty-chic for my taste. So – back to the drawing board I went.

During our Sunday home visit we took new measurements and I updated my floor plan accordingly. Here’s what we’re looking at now:

I also added a few items based on my searches last week. First, the square to the right of the sofa is a yet-to-be-specified end table. I think the person sitting there is going to need a place to put his or her drink, so better have a placeholder there so we don’t forget. I also decided the rug should be 9×12; 8×10 just looked too dinky.

Here’s what the media wall looks like now. The wall is more finished and the floors are in and protected. While standing in the room on Sunday I had a thought about storage on the left hand wall: it should either a) be at a relatively even depth with the wall on the right to achieve a measure of visual balance, or b) extend all the way to the window wall. Anything narrower will look wimpy and anything that stops halfway to the window would look out of whack.

If we were to go with option A, the frontrunner du jour is the CB2 Crossroads bookshelf.

At 36 inches wide it would fit perfectly along the wall, sideways. And at 12 inches deep, it would accommodate electronics; plus, because there are open bits we could have cables running in there with no trouble at all as well as tuck them out of sight.

I like the mix of open and closed, as well as the combination of wide and narrow sections. Offers some visual interest and opportunity for fun accessorizing! I am a little nervous that it sits on the floor, but we could easily remedy that by adding some legs or perhaps even attaching them right to the wall.

One approach is to pick one up, move it in and set it up with all our junk, then if the rest of the wall looks lonely go back and get 3 more so we’d have 12 total feet of shelving. This would leave us with a 2 foot, 5 inch space — although — hold the phone! — looking at the photo above, there is no rule that we would have to stick them right up against one another. By leaving a little gap between each unit we could achieve a nice, uniform, spacious look AND use up all 14 feet 5(ish) inches of that wall. Hmmm… I’m starting to like the thought of this.

Looking at the floor plan again, the little square to the right of the TV is the Sapien Bookcase from Design Within Reach. Yes, they are all over the place, but I think they create beautiful art out of books – and what more could a book nerd like me ask for? I think we need something to the right of the TV, but I think a second bookshelf would look too symmetrical. So this seems like an excellent compromise, though it isn’t one at all because it’s so great looking.

Packed to the gills or given some room to breathe (and some tchochkes to hang out with) these look smashing. And, of course, ours would be white.

I have a whole boatload of books painted white that served as centerpieces at our wedding that would look really amazing on the short version.

(photo source: Alison Events. btw if you are looking for a wedding/event planner, you can’t go wrong with Alison Hotchkiss – creative, fun, professional – we loved working with her!)

Hmmm… maybe we need two? Possibly.

So this is where things stand. I feel much more confident about this direction, though things can always change! When I look at the floor plan, it does look kind of sparse to me — but then again it is always easier to add than to subtract, so maybe I should just leave well enough alone with these pieces and see how it feels when we’re living there again.

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Quick Progress Update

Josh, Topher, and I trekked into the fog today to spend some quiet time checking on the latest progress so that when we have our house meeting tomorrow we can focus on whatever decisions need to be made and then skedaddle. The big action last week was installing the floors and continuing to mud the new drywall. All of the hardwood was placed (save one hallway section that needed to be leveled) and promptly protected, so sadly I have no photos to show. The basement floor was sanded down and a coat of epoxy was applied; you’ll have to take my word when I say it’s a big improvement because I plumb forgot to take pictures of it. Fail!

OK  – so let’s see what I did manage to capture today.

The fireplace received some new framing up top in preparation for a few sheets of drywall. I will spare you the close-ups of the 50-year-old cobwebs adorning the flue – blech. Tomorrow David the Color Consultant is supposed to bring a few samples of slab stone for consideration around the hearth on the bottom. Everything on the vertical plane will be sheet rocked and painted an accent color.

The kitchen cabinets are finally out of the garage – yay! Once the floors went in and were covered with protective paper, the guys were able to bring all of the components upstairs, freeing up a lot more room in the garage for other storage and work space. Though we were loathe to unwrap any of this, lest even a corner get dinged, we couldn’t help ourselves and took a peek at what we think were interior shelves. The color is stunning. I cannot WAIT to see these things in their proper home. I think this may begin happening this very week!!

This was a nice surprise – a shower pan water tightness test (in the master bathroom). As you can tell from that strip of reflection along the back, seems to be holding up nicely.

Topher is just as anxious as we are to get this project done and move back home.

Now that things are really starting to come together, I’ve been refocusing on how to furnish the two front rooms: TV and office. Later this week I’ll post a couple of updates.

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TV Room Ruminations

Way back on April 21, I wrote about some of our plans for the re-imagined TV room. At the time, we were planning on creating a media closet accessible via a hidden door, carefully concealed with some kind of nifty paneling. Oh, how getting an estimate can alter the planning process! That idea was coming in at much more than we were willing to spend on it, so after a quick team confab we decided to eliminate the secret storage and instead create an open media “niche.” Here’s what it looks like now:

This is a sneaky way of making this room feel much larger than it used to. The old wall extended to the left from the edge of the door frame you can see on the right. In that space between the old wall and the bathroom wall down the hall there was a little coat closet (accessible through ANOTHER door that was to the left of the bathroom door — a top priority of this renovation project was to remove as many doors as humanly possible. The place felt like a madhouse!) and a separate shower in the bathroom. We are OK with eliminating those two elements, as we are installing a shower-over-tub in the bathroom (which will hardly be used) and moved the closet next to the front door downstairs. As a bonus, this could make a perfect spot for a queen size bed in the event this room reverts to a real bedroom again.

It also used to be possible to enter the bathroom from this room without having to step out into the hallway. We think that this was once the “master suite,” but now that the house has a true master suite, and the bathroom really is just right next door, it would be OK to cut off that access to gain a full wall.

As you can see by the tangle of wires there we have decided that the media components will live to the left of the TV as opposed to underneath it. We have also figured out where the speakers should go — the other two are already in the ceiling in the rear of the room — as well as the TV. So now the question is, how do we make the best use of this newly-gained space?

Before the drywall was up, I envisioned flanking this niche with a slim cabinet on either side of the TV. But now that I see the room in a more finished state, that feels like it would be too crowded. I’m now thinking that we should have some kind of shelving system along the left-hand wall and leave the short wall on the right alone.

The shelving would start in the corner where the cables are and extend to the left.

This side would be left alone.

I’ve been playing with a rudimentary online room planning tool (Icovia) and have sketched out a few elements so far:

I think the dimensions are pretty close, though it’s a mix of “before” measurements and I don’t have my niche notes with me so I’m not sure that’s totally accurate. At any rate, it’s a start. The sofa is still the IKEA Manstad. We love the versatility, storage, durability, and price.

The rug I’m showing in the plan is 8×10; 9×12 could probably work, too. Our favorite, design-wise, is the Canopy (indigo) by Angela Adams:

I must admit I have yet to look at the rug and sofa together in person, but I think the sofa color is neutral enough that it should work. The blues in this rug are bold and totally scrumptious.

Even though we don’t need any furniture under the TV since all the components will be to the left and the TV will be attached to the wall, I think we should still place something there to help ground the space.  Just to have a piece with dimensions to play with, I stuck an IKEA Torsby in the floor plan.

So we are finally at the question of the hour: what shelves/storage should we put along the side wall, and how should we arrange it? The three boxes in the floor plan represent three CB2 Kickstand units:

These are sharp. Nice mix of open and closed storage, and I like the shiny white lacquer finish on the shelves and drawers. The brushed nickel could tie in nicely with the other metallic elements upstairs, like the window frames, door hardware, and stainless appliances. I also think these look just as good from the side as they do from the front. I also like that there’s also a good amount of space between the drawer and the floor – I am not a fan of bookcases and shelves that sit directly on the floor.

But white may not be the ultimate solution; sometimes I think the rug and sofa are calling for a natural wood option.

Room and Board Gallery shelves offer a mix of wood and metal (in this case, stainless steel, which is an exact match for our door hardware):

I like the warmth the (reclaimed – bonus!) wood provides. If we were to take this direction, we would probably also put a wood piece under the TV instead of something white like the Torsby. Maybe the Munich?

Or the Hudson?

No closed storage could end up being a pain, though. And open shelving like this makes for some cord management creativity (in fact, I think in the photo above the folks ran that little lamp cord along the metal support in order to hide it. There are certainly plenty of nifty clips for sale these days to make this doable). However, it is possible to pick up some slick boxes or baskets along the way and create “customized” closed storage, like this photo from Crate and Barrel demonstrates:

There’s something about the flexibility this provides that really appeals to me. Someone as prone to redecorating as I am needs some designated space to play!

I must admit I’m having a very hard time finding anything I like more than these open leaning shelf systems. The tapered effect is nice because it helps what could otherwise be a bulky wall system feel less weighty. I’m also a fan of the open back – bookshelves that have a backing on them can also feel heavy. Both the Room and Board and Crate and Barrel systems offer a desk unit – not sure it’s necessary for the TV room, but maybe this kind of system could work in our home office next door?  A little unity might not be such a bad idea…

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Earlier Than Normal Progress Report

Josh, Topher, and I are having a little mini-vacation this weekend in Tomales Bay, one of my favorite spots in Northern California. Gorgeous. What this little R&R weekend means, however, is we will not make our weekly private (meaning, sans workmen on the scene) pilgrimage to chez Brankman. Knowing this, I made a quick trip over there “on my way” home from work Thursday evening to check on the progress. I’m pleased to report there was indeed some progress to check!

There was a lot of commotion upstairs, so I decided to head to the master bedroom first. The new sliding door is in:

Mike Singer was especially proud of the fact that the top left-hand corner of the door and the top right-hand corner of the window are now level. Yes, in a previous life, these two points were off by about an inch and a half. Maddening.

Also in the “finally dealing with a really irritating lack of attention to detail” department – the closet under the stairs:

The space and strips above the door are the solution to what used to be a slanted gap between the door and the wall above. Once it’s freshly sheetrocked and painted, it’ll look much more streamlined.

Walking upstairs I was so impressed with how bright the place feels now that the drywall has a layer of mud on it. The fog was creeping over the hill behind us, but you’d never know it standing on our upstairs landing.

Here’s an updated living room photo. Now you can really see the outlets and light fixtures. I cannot wait until that gawdawful khaki paint on the right is gone forever. Suddenly this space feels more updated, clean, and modern than ever. Swoon.

I am still not used to seeing those windows in there! The gentleman in the corner wearing the mask had the unenviable task of sweeping all the fine drywall dust in advance of the arrival of the flooring guys the following morning. I’m sorry, what was that you said? Yes – FLOORS! Walls, windows, floors – when will the excitement end?

Looks like the exterior siding is back. That’s good. While I was out there, I snapped three photos that could ostensibly create a panorama: pretend these are arranged from left to right.

Back inside, we made a fairly split-second decision on Monday to remove the limestone tile from the fireplace. We were hoping to leave it as is, but were eventually convinced it would look so wrong if we didn’t address it now. And look what we discovered: brick! We won’t keep it that way; the plan is to drywall the upper portion and paint it an accent color (cheap), and put a slab (probably Caesarstone) on the hearth. I feel good about this decision.

There is a very good chance that when we show up Monday morning for our weekly meeting we’ll see some floors in place. Not finished, but so what. It’s still floors.

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Holy Sh*t!

I generally like to keep things pretty PG around here, but there is no better title for today’s post, as when my eyes feasted on the new windows for the first time today, that was all I could say. Over and over. Absolutely freakin’ incredible. Photos do them no justice at all, but I will share some anyway.

I mean, are you kidding me? I get to live here? Wow. Oh, and that pile there in the lower right hand corner? That’s a stack of our new floor, acclimatizing to the temperature and humidity levels inside the house.

I am simply amazed by how little structure (wall or window) exists between the top of the window and the ceiling. The old version looked like this:

It certainly helps that we gained nearly a foot of ceiling height, in addition to installing high-tech windows. Welcome to the 21st century, house. Nice to have you.

Here’s the new door leading out to the deck. No more awkward squeezing through short and narrow casement windows.

And once you’re outside…

It’s amazing how much more of the interior is visible from the deck now.

All of this window, deck, and exterior siding work required bringing in some scaffolding.

Without it, there’s no way to make sure our master bath window is installed correctly:

It’s not every day that I am moved to quote Mia Michaels, but in this case all I can say is, “Gorgeois!”

The master bedroom window is in, too.

I assume that some time this week the new sliding door will replace all that plywood.

Our other developing story from last week: new doors! Josh just can’t wait to do some laundry in our new “laundry closet.”

Nice too see the pocket door leading to the master bedroom works:

All this drywall progress also helps us appreciate some of the more subtle changes, like the elimination of about 47 unnecessary angles in the downstairs hallway.

Nothing we can do about the big diagonal, as that’s our staircase. But once upon a time there was also a whole bunch of other wacky jig-jags that we were able to get rid of.

This is the the same hall, looking from Josh’s point of view from the previous photo. So crisp, so clean – ahhhh….

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I am in love… with our new window

Josh, Topher, and I pulled out of the gravel driveway in Glen Ellen at 6:30am Wednesday so we (well, Josh and I) could be at the house to witness the delivery of our giant window. The window that is ~17×8 and weighs ~500 lbs, without most of the glass. Being situated in an urban setting, we have no space between our house and the houses on either side of us, so moving a window frame that big to the back of your house requires the services of one of these bad boys:

Worth pointing out here is that, thanks to the steep grade of our hill, the crane is supported by that Jenga-like arrangement of wood blocks and does the job with one of the front tires elevated about a foot off the street. Here’s a rear view of this arrangement:

So after the crane is set up and stable, it’s time to secure big industrial-strength ropes to the window frame:

This view offers a little perspective on the size of the window; and, no, the guys aren’t standing on the frame itself!

Next, move the crane into position:

Making sure, of course, to avoid touching all those electrical wires.

After a “thumbs up,” the window is slowly lifted off the bed of the delivery truck, guided by the two pros with the ropes:

After a brief stop on the street to check the security of the ties, the window begins its flight up and over the roof:

Where it’s met by the man with the walkie-talkie who communicates with the crane operator in front to gingerly lower the frame into position.

The guys make a few quick adjustments to the waterproofing tape to ensure the best fit:

And, ta da! It’s in. And beautiful.

Once again, I am kicking myself for not taking a better set of “before” photos. I did dig up a few that will show what this looked like when the old windows were still there, though.

What’s worth comparing here is the difference in window and ceiling height, plus the fact that these windows were made and installed in the 1950’s, requiring much more structure to provide support.

Here’s another “before” angle:

We’ll definitely have to figure out some kind of surface for Rocket to perch herself on; she loves chilling in front of the window and watching all the backyard bird action.

I bet these kids were pretty surprised to wake up to all this commotion! I hope they enjoyed the show.

What’s a window without glass, right? Once the frame was in place, the process was repeated to get the very heavy glass on the deck, where it was once again placed ever so gently into position.

By the weekend, the glazier will have installed all the glass, which will then be promptly covered with plastic to protect it from the ongoing sheet rock mudding and sanding.

I left feeling positively giddy. It’s becoming a bit easier now to envision the finished product, and with each new milestone achieved (like tile and floors) it’s just going to get more and more amazing.

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It’s a miracle! We have drywall!! Did you hear me? Drywall! Drywall! Drywall!

This is a day that’s long overdue. A major milestone. We have walls. Look!

This first impression just gets better and better. Latest improvement: the removal of the world’s ugliest stair banister. See it there, leaning against the wall? I’d love to drop it off a cliff.

This is (fingers crossed) the last time I will include a photo of the back wall covered in plywood. The window frame gets craned over the roof on Wednesday and the glazier comes Thursday to install the glass. OMG! I won’t bore you with pointing out the existence of sheet rock in every single photo; just know that it’s up and it’s a beautiful thing.

Kitchen – east wall.

Kitchen – south wall.

Partial kitchen, dining, and full living room.

Upstairs rear wall.

Looking south (towards the front of the house) from the living room.

Upstairs bath.

Future media zone.

Let’s take a look downstairs. But first, we should stop and admire the beauty that is the space where the banister used to be. And say hi to Josh! He’s partaking in a critical aspect of our weekly house visit ritual: sorting the mail.

Josh is really happy about this new entryway.

Entry as viewed from master hallway.

Heading into the master suite – display niche on the left, art wall straight ahead.

After the turn, looking into the master bedroom. Closet on the left, bathroom on the right.

One view of the master bath – straight ahead: shower. Right rear: towel niche. And directly in front of that, Josh’s vanity space.

From the shower stall, looking at my vanity spot in the corner, the windows, and the spot for the tub underneath (and a shadow caused by my camera flash).

On the left: Josh’s vanity. To the right of that: throne room. And the other doorway: out to hall and across to closet.

Master bedroom with beams all covered up nice and neat.

Another view of the master bedroom; the opposite corner from the photo above.

From the master bedroom balcony, where the bathroom windows will go.

That deck is going nowhere – major new reinforcement in the form of 2 new beams and alternating supports.

Topher and Josh enjoy a moment in the (somewhat overgrown) back yard.

Today marks the day when all the really pretty stuff starts making its way in, kicking off with a bang this week with the windows. This is getting good.

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