Kitchen no longer (counter) topless!

It was an unprecedentedly busy week over at Chez Foghill. Funny – things get very serious once you and your contractor agree on an occupancy date.

The big wow factor emotional boost this week arrived yesterday in the form of the kitchen counter tops. The color is absolutely perfect.

As always, the lighting is bad and the transition from reality to digital camera to Web site causes colors to be rendered funkily. But I hope this communicates the gist of the situation; what I’ll never be able to show in a photograph are the tiny flecks of recycled mirror that provide just a hint of sparkle. There’s also quite a bit of brown and gray in the material that doesn’t translate in photos at all.

The view from the living room gives you a sense of where the island “bar” is; the original design called for an extension along the right side as well, but when we mocked it all up we realized that doing so would cause the counter to extend past the little wall there. Oh well!

And, a minor aside here: See those two floor stain samples under the island? Which one do you think looks better? Josh and I both prefer the lighter of the two; David, the color consultant, is making a strong pitch for the darker. He is won over by the contrast with the island (true) and the potential for rugs and furniture to pop (also true); we are nervous the ebony floor will suck too much light out of the room, show every piece of lint and dust bunny more than the walnut will, and to me I think the darker color creates too much of a “cabinet sandwich.” We will decide tomorrow so the staining can happen next week while I am in New York.

Bah poor lighting and rookie photographer. But can’t you just imagine how amazing it will be to stand there, whipping up a batch of chicken and dumplings on the gas range with the view in the background?

Here you can see floor stain #3 which we have all already rejected: reads way too green.

Today the plumber comes to install the kitchen faucet. Having all the appliances in will make a really big difference; that should happen in about a week and a half…

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