Color time!

Although in my previous post I said that taking photos of paint samples is a waste of time, I did it today anyway. On a day-to-day basis, the changes taking place in the house are subtle, but when I looked at the last bunch of photos I posted I realized that the place has actually taken even more shape than I realized.

The kitchen as of this morning. It’s protected because the painters have taken over and primed the whole house. Tomorrow the counter tops are installed. That will be MAJOR.

We’ve been through two rounds of wall color and just today landed on The One. In this photo, it’s the upper of the two; the original hue was too dark for our liking, so we “backed off” (as David the color consultant likes to say) and mixed a solution of 50% color and one of 75% color. 75% is the sweet spot; 50% was too light and too close to the cabinets and trim color.

Another look at the living room wall and a glimpse of the very bold and gorgeous blue accent color that will start at the front entry, travel up the ceiling and along one wall and stop just to the right of the doorway in this photo.

Here’s where the photography and import to the web is a major FAIL. There are two colors here; the bottom one is the one that will be on these TV room walls. It’s a pale gray-ish blue. Subtle.

The other color, a pale pale warm gray green, will be the office color.

Here’s another glimpse of the accent color. Here you can also see the full, 75%, and 50% versions of the main wall color.

When given lemons, in the form of a very awkward and crazy angled staircase, make lemonade, right? So we’re going for broke and painting that bit. The big stair wall behind it will be white. And see that little flat part where the stair turns? Well, that’s already gone, so now the angle descending from the top goes all the way to its logical conclusion without that dumb flat section. Much better.

Have I showed you the new front door yet? It looks green because there’s a layer of protection on the exterior. The glass is actually frosted and looks whiter in real life.

A bit of a non-sequitur, but here it is nonetheless: the upstairs bathroom shower/tub tile. Kind of hard to see behind the plastic…

Bathroom vanities were supposed to be installed today but weren’t, so we’ll have to find out tomorrow what happened…

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