Is it OK to design your entire color scheme around a single pillow?

I certainly hope so.

I have long coveted velvet striped pillows I first spotted on Jamie Mears’ blog, I Suwannee. I’ve been following I Suwannee for a good couple of years at least; Jamie has great style and, besides, how could I not fall in love with a blog that features a “Bookcase of the Day?” About a year or so ago, Jamie summoned her innate talent and eye for design to open a store in her hometown of Raleigh-Durham, NC called Furbish. For months I would drool over her store photos, praying for the day she would open an online store. Well, lucky for me, that day has arrived.

Yesterday my pillows arrived. And they are even more wonderful in person than in the photos; but for you dear reader, photos (from the Furbish site) are all I can offer.

The texture is luxurious but not stuffy, thanks to a break from the velvet in the form of a white cotton (I think) background. The colors are vibrant and happy, but not cheesy or juvenile. Here’s a close up:

There are so many wonderful colors to pull from: yellow, gold, peach, rust, sky blue, turquoise… Not that everything will match, per se, but instead enjoy a good working relationship with these colors.

For example, the orange and rust in these isn’t an exact match to the marigold in the kitchen:

but they can have a good conversation with each other.

Exhibit B: The Danish modern sofa we had reupholstered. In truly serendipitous form, we chose the fabric before I bought the pillows, but it’s a match made in heaven.

(The chairs are Milo Baughman club chairs that have yet to receive the upholstery treatment. I’m holding off until I have a better sense of where they will go and what color they should be.)

We knew this sofa had a ton of potential, even when it was covered in this drab, sad, and stained (yuk) gray:

So just like the kitchen orange, the sofa gold isn’t an exact match to the pillow color, but who would want that anyway? As Stacy London and Clinton Kelly say, “It doesn’t have to match, it just has to go.”

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One Response to Is it OK to design your entire color scheme around a single pillow?

  1. Annie says:

    Of course! I love the pillow’s colors and versatility to bring changes into similar color schemes. Where did you say you can get it? What a great way to give some punch of color to a “tired” room! :>)

    By the way, thanks for the picture of the back of the house. Now we get it!
    Love, Annie

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