Who knew kitchen cabinet knobs could bring such joy?

Not me. Until today.

Knobs, like faucets, are “house jewelry.” Like and earrings and necklaces, they add that little something special to the outfit. And you typically put them on last, right before lipstick and as you head out the door. So in addition to looking simply wonderful, these knobs signify serious progress. OK, so the floors aren’t sanded and stained, the walls aren’t painted, the new front door is leaning against the foyer wall, blah blah blah. I’ll take signs of progress wherever I can take ’em.

Not to mention the kitchen island, all installed and everything.

I am so happy with the open sections; can’t you just imagine each of those little shelves on the left there housing one of these Heath lovlies from the summer collection?

Or perhaps a more understated white piece?

Or maybe a rotating collection that I can adapt to my mood?

There’s been a lot of progress in the master bathroom tile department, too.

The “towel niche,” all tiled up. Not grouted yet, but that’ll happen very soon. We are leaning towards using “alabaster” grout, which is a tad creamier than white white — we don’t want it to look too antiseptic in there. We’ll see.

The master shower floor – quite possibly THE most impossible tile to photograph and have the color render correctly. Plus, the angle I shot makes this look much squarer than it really is. But hopefully you at least get the idea – what’s lacking in here are all the subtle gray and browns in this tile; we’re going to use it for the vanity back splashes, too.

I took this photo today in honor of my mother-in-law, Annie Brankman, who peppered me with so many home renovation questions during our short visit to New Hampshire this weekend. I am truly honored to have such an avid reader of this little blog of mine. Anne, here’s a photo of the back of the house – as well as the back of your son! Pure coincidence, I promise. Enjoy.

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