A kitchen floor plan comes to (near) fruition

Nearly all of the kitchen cabinets are placed, some are actually installed, and the counter top guy comes tomorrow to cut the template. As I’ve said before, we are so pleased with the way they look. Added bonus: Mike Singer is way impressed with the materials and construction quality, ease of installation, and excellent customer service by Viola Park. As a new-ish brand, this was a new product for Caruso and they were nervous they would have a nightmare on their hands. Happy to report it’s been smooth as silk.

OK – except for the fact that in looking at this photo right now I realized that the wall cabinets are hung too high! They are supposed to line up with the top of the window on the left, not the right. Thank goodness for this post or I may have never noticed. I don’t think it’s too big a deal to scoot them down, just as long as that doesn’t cause the space between the counter top and cabinet bottom to be too tight…

This is the kind of thing that makes contractors really happy. These subtops came pre-cut.

So now we have everything AND the kitchen sink (well, not really)! The faucet is in a box in the cabinet below. Seeing these things we chose months ago actually in the house and even in some cases in their proper place just tickles me to no end. The cook top will be delivered tomorrow – I can’t stand it!

The new deck surface is nearly complete. We could have placed the “tiles” so the boards ran the other direction, or even in a checkerboard pattern. We opted to go horizontal, just like the floor boards inside the house.

In this shot you can see the feet that the tiles rest upon. These are built like mini bar stools that twist up and down in order to create a level top deck surface while still maintaining a sloped under-deck for appropriate drainage. How cool is that?

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