On this episode of The Office

The subject remains: desks.

On the previous episode, we considered a few different desk options. And while some were a bit higher end than others, they all shared the same basic characteristics: mostly white, some drawer storage, lots of room underneath for legs. Fundamentally desk-y.

Since that adventure (two weeks ago already – my, how time flies!) Josh and I were able to spend a little bit of our drive home Sunday from Ione (home of not one but two correctional facilities: Preston Youth Correctional Facility – featuring a haunted castle! – and Mule Creek State Prison – home of Lyle Menendez. Neither of those were the reason for our visit – just fun discoveries along the way.) discussing those three options and a possible fourth: the simple but lovely Parsons desk.

At this point in the conversation I recalled a plan we had once considered when that room was still 100% Josh’s office, but that just might be an even better solution now that we will be sharing 50-50: Room and Board’s (who else?) Custom Linear cabinets. When push comes to shove, our home office “desk” is way more about storage than work space. Both of us are heavy laptop users in the truest sense of the word – computer on top of lap; and now that we’ve decided to turn the former man cave/game room/catch all into a digital photo studio, we’ll have absolutely no need for a desktop computer zone in the home office.

So with this in mind, I’ve mocked up two versions for our consideration.

We’ll call this one Linear Classic Three:

Each of the three zones of this piece is somewhat customizable. In this version I’ve chosen a cabinet with a pull-out work surface above, for the occasional round of bill-paying or thank-you-note writing, and a set of three drawers (one file and two shallow). The floor plan with two of these looks like this:

Because these aren’t actually desks and would be more than likely closed most of the time, one question to be resolved is where do we put the chairs we would need for the times we do want to sit there and work? Hm. The chairs, at least for the time being, are going to be two of our dining chairs, the sublime Louis Ghost:

I think we can also consider a four-bank version; something along these lines:

Wow – just look at all that storage. And the floor plan:

I think if we were to take this road, we would have no room for anything else on the floor of these two walls, save perhaps for a nice plant or maybe cool floor lamp. The “three” option may offer room for some other kind of storage item, though my worry is that would appear cluttered. We could certainly have some wall-mounted storage (like floating shelves) above the pieces if we determine we need more storage or they would just look neat.

These kinds of proportion questions are tricky.

This line comes in four wood finishes: maple, white oak, cherry and walnut. The versions here are in cherry, which I chose based on the fact that we have some other cherry wood furniture (by Blu Dot). But just now as I was clicking around to remember the names of the woods I realized we may want to consider the walnut version as it will be much closer in color to the hardwood floors and therefore not introduce another (perhaps unnecessary) element into a relatively small space. It might look really slick to have these look somewhat integrated into the floors in there. What do you think?

A contender, for sure.

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