Is this what they mean by “finishes?”

Finish. A word I hesitate to use lest I jinx any semblance of progress. But I think we’ve moved into the phase of the renovation when the finish work kicks into high gear. For example:


Window trim…

Basement floor epoxy…

and master shower tile.

Everything’s lookin’ great. In addition to this finish work, the guys were able to make a few improvements in the garage now that the kitchen cabinets are in their rightful home.

Some time in late February-ish, Josh and I took a hammer to a piece of plywood that was here to satisfy our curiosity about why the heck it was there. What we discovered was nothing more than a big hole that went right through to an old closet. Once Caruso came in they were able to use this as a very handy materials pass-through; I take the fact that it’s been sealed up as a very good sign.

Another promising development here is the disconnection of the washer and dryer in preparation for their move to the infamous laundry closet.

This is the former home of our old electrical panel. The need for more juice in addition to major advances in home electrical since 1956 means we have a brand spanking new one and could 86 the old one for good.

Now I can really understand why the crew was itching to get those cabinets out of here; there was a whole host of other junk that needs to be kept here! Well, that — and our new bedside tables, which are in the cardboard boxes under that, um, microwave?

Our ever-patient next door neighbor, Yan, has been inspired by our work to paint the exterior of his house. This makes us very happy; previously the top and bottom halves of the place were two different colors, which we were subjected to every time we pulled into our driveway. Yan is preparing to sell this house; if we time it just right, as soon as we move back in a new owner next door will (because this is San Francisco) promptly initiate a major remodel.

This is the portion of the rear of Yan’s house that we can see from our back deck. The peach was one of the former colors; clearly the prospect of a nice neutral gray pleases us.

No excursion to Chez Brankman this weekend thanks to a big Indy Race at Infineon this weekend. The traffic on Highway 37 totally cuts us off from most points south, so we’re going to embark on a Foghill Adventure of another sort and head east for a little car camping in San Joaquin and Calaveras Counties. Monday’s site meeting should be a lot of fun: more cabinets installed, more tile in place.

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