Another Milestone: Kitchen Cabinets Revealed!

Yesterday Josh and I had a date with Greg the Tile Guy to determine the layout of the master bath floor tile and height of the trim in there. With those decisions made, we headed upstairs to see what Mike Singer was up to. And look what we found!

Zippity doo dah! The south wall of the kitchen; the big space is for the fridge and the smaller one is where the oven goes. On the left wall in the corner we will hang floating shelves and place some arrangement of attractive items. Look at all that storage – keeping that wall and using the full height of it for cabinetry was the only way we were able to eliminate that hideous pantry between the kitchen and dining room. I love it when big decisions are confirmed.

That corner again, looking east. The sink goes under the window.

Not sure what goes in here yet, but it’s nice to see how the corner unit works!

If memory serves (I did order these in January, after all) we decided against a dedicated trash cabinet and opted instead to put our garbage, recycling, and compost bins under the sink. We just couldn’t sacrifice other storage to have a whole cabinet just for kitchen waste.

The drawers and interior fittings run smoothly and look great.

The rest of the east wall cabinets. Mike nearly gave me a heart attack when he said to me (before I’d laid eyes on them), “Boy, you sure are making a statement with that orange cabinet!” I think it looks incredible; it’s important to keep in mind that when all is said and done the only orange that will show is the border around the drawers.

Isn’t this pretty? This is the bamboo of the island, too. This cabinet has no door by design, so we’ll have to be sure that whatever we store in here is worth looking at.

As you know, these babies arrived in May and spent nearly three months in the garage — sometimes serving as a work surface. It was torture to have the cabinets in the house for so long but not be able to see what they look like. The color turned out so beautifully – these photos do not do it proper justice!

Next up: Finish unpacking this:

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