Still thinking about TV Room shelves

Perhaps I was being a bit optimistic in my last TV Room post when I said that 12-inch shelves would be deep enough to store all of our media components. On the way to our meeting last Monday, Josh expressed concern about this (much to my consternation – I thought I’d found the perfect solution!), and since most of our electronics are actually stored in the man cave at the house we were able to confirm that the TiVO is 13 inches deep and our receiver is even deeper than that. Shucks.

So my first response was to spend about 4 hours Monday night obsessively looking online for something else. Cross-eyed and empty-handed, I gave up and resolved to let it go for a few days; after all, we’re still a good number of weeks away from moving in anyway.

Just this morning, however, during my regular cruise of my favorite design blogs, I may have stumbled upon some exciting alternatives! I love it when this happens – serendipity is a beautiful thing.

The first item I discovered is the Mimic Cube by Crate and Barrel. When I saw this photo on ChicTip I thought, “hmmm… now there’s an intriguing and totally customizable option!”

Having learned my lesson, I immediately checked the cube dimensions and learned they are 18×18 – plenty large enough. Each cube is sold separately, which means we could design a pretty cool custom arrangement along the big wall of the TV room, using negative space as a major design element. I love how open these are aesthetically, but I do worry about the total lack of closed storage. Not everything we own is worth looking at all the time.

While on the Crate and Barrel Web site, I happened to see a link to their fall catalog, which you can flip through online and, of course, link directly to pages about any of the items in each photo. And check out what I discovered on pages 26 and 27:

It’s called Ascend and comes in four pices: 27 inch 2-drawer and open cube units, and 55 inch 2-door slider and open cube units. All are 15 inches deep, which is probably just enough to accommodate our electronics (at least we know our turntable and LP’s will fit; oh, wait, we don’t have a turntable and LP’s).

What I like about both of these solutions is that they provide a way to “step” the shelving to create some visual interest and avoid things looking too blocky. We could have the pieces start tall in the corner and gradually step down towards the middle of the wall – kind of a tapering effect. That would leave the left side of the wall open, which is probably best anyway because that’s where the chaise bit of the sofa is and we want to leave plenty of space to walk around there. Surely we could find some nifty art to hang there, too.

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