Latest TV Room Ruminations

Often after I publish a “rumination” post I’ll ask Josh to read it and give me feedback on the ideas. It’s turned out to be a pretty handy way to discuss furniture plans. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the discussion following my recent TV room post yielded some important insights:

  1. Wood shelves will make more of a statement than we want
  2. Some aspect of closed storage is essential (for tucking away things like remotes), but some open is necessary, too
  3. We are a little nervous about lining that entire wall with shelving, as it could make the space between the shelves and the chaise part of the sofa feel crowded

And subsequent to these realizations, I also concluded that the CB2 Kickstand wall shelf is too lofty-chic for my taste. So – back to the drawing board I went.

During our Sunday home visit we took new measurements and I updated my floor plan accordingly. Here’s what we’re looking at now:

I also added a few items based on my searches last week. First, the square to the right of the sofa is a yet-to-be-specified end table. I think the person sitting there is going to need a place to put his or her drink, so better have a placeholder there so we don’t forget. I also decided the rug should be 9×12; 8×10 just looked too dinky.

Here’s what the media wall looks like now. The wall is more finished and the floors are in and protected. While standing in the room on Sunday I had a thought about storage on the left hand wall: it should either a) be at a relatively even depth with the wall on the right to achieve a measure of visual balance, or b) extend all the way to the window wall. Anything narrower will look wimpy and anything that stops halfway to the window would look out of whack.

If we were to go with option A, the frontrunner du jour is the CB2 Crossroads bookshelf.

At 36 inches wide it would fit perfectly along the wall, sideways. And at 12 inches deep, it would accommodate electronics; plus, because there are open bits we could have cables running in there with no trouble at all as well as tuck them out of sight.

I like the mix of open and closed, as well as the combination of wide and narrow sections. Offers some visual interest and opportunity for fun accessorizing! I am a little nervous that it sits on the floor, but we could easily remedy that by adding some legs or perhaps even attaching them right to the wall.

One approach is to pick one up, move it in and set it up with all our junk, then if the rest of the wall looks lonely go back and get 3 more so we’d have 12 total feet of shelving. This would leave us with a 2 foot, 5 inch space — although — hold the phone! — looking at the photo above, there is no rule that we would have to stick them right up against one another. By leaving a little gap between each unit we could achieve a nice, uniform, spacious look AND use up all 14 feet 5(ish) inches of that wall. Hmmm… I’m starting to like the thought of this.

Looking at the floor plan again, the little square to the right of the TV is the Sapien Bookcase from Design Within Reach. Yes, they are all over the place, but I think they create beautiful art out of books – and what more could a book nerd like me ask for? I think we need something to the right of the TV, but I think a second bookshelf would look too symmetrical. So this seems like an excellent compromise, though it isn’t one at all because it’s so great looking.

Packed to the gills or given some room to breathe (and some tchochkes to hang out with) these look smashing. And, of course, ours would be white.

I have a whole boatload of books painted white that served as centerpieces at our wedding that would look really amazing on the short version.

(photo source: Alison Events. btw if you are looking for a wedding/event planner, you can’t go wrong with Alison Hotchkiss – creative, fun, professional – we loved working with her!)

Hmmm… maybe we need two? Possibly.

So this is where things stand. I feel much more confident about this direction, though things can always change! When I look at the floor plan, it does look kind of sparse to me — but then again it is always easier to add than to subtract, so maybe I should just leave well enough alone with these pieces and see how it feels when we’re living there again.

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