Quick Progress Update

Josh, Topher, and I trekked into the fog today to spend some quiet time checking on the latest progress so that when we have our house meeting tomorrow we can focus on whatever decisions need to be made and then skedaddle. The big action last week was installing the floors and continuing to mud the new drywall. All of the hardwood was placed (save one hallway section that needed to be leveled) and promptly protected, so sadly I have no photos to show. The basement floor was sanded down and a coat of epoxy was applied; you’ll have to take my word when I say it’s a big improvement because I plumb forgot to take pictures of it. Fail!

OK  – so let’s see what I did manage to capture today.

The fireplace received some new framing up top in preparation for a few sheets of drywall. I will spare you the close-ups of the 50-year-old cobwebs adorning the flue – blech. Tomorrow David the Color Consultant is supposed to bring a few samples of slab stone for consideration around the hearth on the bottom. Everything on the vertical plane will be sheet rocked and painted an accent color.

The kitchen cabinets are finally out of the garage – yay! Once the floors went in and were covered with protective paper, the guys were able to bring all of the components upstairs, freeing up a lot more room in the garage for other storage and work space. Though we were loathe to unwrap any of this, lest even a corner get dinged, we couldn’t help ourselves and took a peek at what we think were interior shelves. The color is stunning. I cannot WAIT to see these things in their proper home. I think this may begin happening this very week!!

This was a nice surprise – a shower pan water tightness test (in the master bathroom). As you can tell from that strip of reflection along the back, seems to be holding up nicely.

Topher is just as anxious as we are to get this project done and move back home.

Now that things are really starting to come together, I’ve been refocusing on how to furnish the two front rooms: TV and office. Later this week I’ll post a couple of updates.

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