Earlier Than Normal Progress Report

Josh, Topher, and I are having a little mini-vacation this weekend in Tomales Bay, one of my favorite spots in Northern California. Gorgeous. What this little R&R weekend means, however, is we will not make our weekly private (meaning, sans workmen on the scene) pilgrimage to chez Brankman. Knowing this, I made a quick trip over there “on my way” home from work Thursday evening to check on the progress. I’m pleased to report there was indeed some progress to check!

There was a lot of commotion upstairs, so I decided to head to the master bedroom first. The new sliding door is in:

Mike Singer was especially proud of the fact that the top left-hand corner of the door and the top right-hand corner of the window are now level. Yes, in a previous life, these two points were off by about an inch and a half. Maddening.

Also in the “finally dealing with a really irritating lack of attention to detail” department – the closet under the stairs:

The space and strips above the door are the solution to what used to be a slanted gap between the door and the wall above. Once it’s freshly sheetrocked and painted, it’ll look much more streamlined.

Walking upstairs I was so impressed with how bright the place feels now that the drywall has a layer of mud on it. The fog was creeping over the hill behind us, but you’d never know it standing on our upstairs landing.

Here’s an updated living room photo. Now you can really see the outlets and light fixtures. I cannot wait until that gawdawful khaki paint on the right is gone forever. Suddenly this space feels more updated, clean, and modern than ever. Swoon.

I am still not used to seeing those windows in there! The gentleman in the corner wearing the mask had the unenviable task of sweeping all the fine drywall dust in advance of the arrival of the flooring guys the following morning. I’m sorry, what was that you said? Yes – FLOORS! Walls, windows, floors – when will the excitement end?

Looks like the exterior siding is back. That’s good. While I was out there, I snapped three photos that could ostensibly create a panorama: pretend these are arranged from left to right.

Back inside, we made a fairly split-second decision on Monday to remove the limestone tile from the fireplace. We were hoping to leave it as is, but were eventually convinced it would look so wrong if we didn’t address it now. And look what we discovered: brick! We won’t keep it that way; the plan is to drywall the upper portion and paint it an accent color (cheap), and put a slab (probably Caesarstone) on the hearth. I feel good about this decision.

There is a very good chance that when we show up Monday morning for our weekly meeting we’ll see some floors in place. Not finished, but so what. It’s still floors.

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