Holy Sh*t!

I generally like to keep things pretty PG around here, but there is no better title for today’s post, as when my eyes feasted on the new windows for the first time today, that was all I could say. Over and over. Absolutely freakin’ incredible. Photos do them no justice at all, but I will share some anyway.

I mean, are you kidding me? I get to live here? Wow. Oh, and that pile there in the lower right hand corner? That’s a stack of our new floor, acclimatizing to the temperature and humidity levels inside the house.

I am simply amazed by how little structure (wall or window) exists between the top of the window and the ceiling. The old version looked like this:

It certainly helps that we gained nearly a foot of ceiling height, in addition to installing high-tech windows. Welcome to the 21st century, house. Nice to have you.

Here’s the new door leading out to the deck. No more awkward squeezing through short and narrow casement windows.

And once you’re outside…

It’s amazing how much more of the interior is visible from the deck now.

All of this window, deck, and exterior siding work required bringing in some scaffolding.

Without it, there’s no way to make sure our master bath window is installed correctly:

It’s not every day that I am moved to quote Mia Michaels, but in this case all I can say is, “Gorgeois!”

The master bedroom window is in, too.

I assume that some time this week the new sliding door will replace all that plywood.

Our other developing story from last week: new doors! Josh just can’t wait to do some laundry in our new “laundry closet.”

Nice too see the pocket door leading to the master bedroom works:

All this drywall progress also helps us appreciate some of the more subtle changes, like the elimination of about 47 unnecessary angles in the downstairs hallway.

Nothing we can do about the big diagonal, as that’s our staircase. But once upon a time there was also a whole bunch of other wacky jig-jags that we were able to get rid of.

This is the the same hall, looking from Josh’s point of view from the previous photo. So crisp, so clean – ahhhh….

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