I am in love… with our new window

Josh, Topher, and I pulled out of the gravel driveway in Glen Ellen at 6:30am Wednesday so we (well, Josh and I) could be at the house to witness the delivery of our giant window. The window that is ~17×8 and weighs ~500 lbs, without most of the glass. Being situated in an urban setting, we have no space between our house and the houses on either side of us, so moving a window frame that big to the back of your house requires the services of one of these bad boys:

Worth pointing out here is that, thanks to the steep grade of our hill, the crane is supported by that Jenga-like arrangement of wood blocks and does the job with one of the front tires elevated about a foot off the street. Here’s a rear view of this arrangement:

So after the crane is set up and stable, it’s time to secure big industrial-strength ropes to the window frame:

This view offers a little perspective on the size of the window; and, no, the guys aren’t standing on the frame itself!

Next, move the crane into position:

Making sure, of course, to avoid touching all those electrical wires.

After a “thumbs up,” the window is slowly lifted off the bed of the delivery truck, guided by the two pros with the ropes:

After a brief stop on the street to check the security of the ties, the window begins its flight up and over the roof:

Where it’s met by the man with the walkie-talkie who communicates with the crane operator in front to gingerly lower the frame into position.

The guys make a few quick adjustments to the waterproofing tape to ensure the best fit:

And, ta da! It’s in. And beautiful.

Once again, I am kicking myself for not taking a better set of “before” photos. I did dig up a few that will show what this looked like when the old windows were still there, though.

What’s worth comparing here is the difference in window and ceiling height, plus the fact that these windows were made and installed in the 1950’s, requiring much more structure to provide support.

Here’s another “before” angle:

We’ll definitely have to figure out some kind of surface for Rocket to perch herself on; she loves chilling in front of the window and watching all the backyard bird action.

I bet these kids were pretty surprised to wake up to all this commotion! I hope they enjoyed the show.

What’s a window without glass, right? Once the frame was in place, the process was repeated to get the very heavy glass on the deck, where it was once again placed ever so gently into position.

By the weekend, the glazier will have installed all the glass, which will then be promptly covered with plastic to protect it from the ongoing sheet rock mudding and sanding.

I left feeling positively giddy. It’s becoming a bit easier now to envision the finished product, and with each new milestone achieved (like tile and floors) it’s just going to get more and more amazing.

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One Response to I am in love… with our new window

  1. Natalie Walrond says:

    Looks gorgeous!! Congratulations šŸ™‚

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