It’s a miracle! We have drywall!! Did you hear me? Drywall! Drywall! Drywall!

This is a day that’s long overdue. A major milestone. We have walls. Look!

This first impression just gets better and better. Latest improvement: the removal of the world’s ugliest stair banister. See it there, leaning against the wall? I’d love to drop it off a cliff.

This is (fingers crossed) the last time I will include a photo of the back wall covered in plywood. The window frame gets craned over the roof on Wednesday and the glazier comes Thursday to install the glass. OMG! I won’t bore you with pointing out the existence of sheet rock in every single photo; just know that it’s up and it’s a beautiful thing.

Kitchen – east wall.

Kitchen – south wall.

Partial kitchen, dining, and full living room.

Upstairs rear wall.

Looking south (towards the front of the house) from the living room.

Upstairs bath.

Future media zone.

Let’s take a look downstairs. But first, we should stop and admire the beauty that is the space where the banister used to be. And say hi to Josh! He’s partaking in a critical aspect of our weekly house visit ritual: sorting the mail.

Josh is really happy about this new entryway.

Entry as viewed from master hallway.

Heading into the master suite – display niche on the left, art wall straight ahead.

After the turn, looking into the master bedroom. Closet on the left, bathroom on the right.

One view of the master bath – straight ahead: shower. Right rear: towel niche. And directly in front of that, Josh’s vanity space.

From the shower stall, looking at my vanity spot in the corner, the windows, and the spot for the tub underneath (and a shadow caused by my camera flash).

On the left: Josh’s vanity. To the right of that: throne room. And the other doorway: out to hall and across to closet.

Master bedroom with beams all covered up nice and neat.

Another view of the master bedroom; the opposite corner from the photo above.

From the master bedroom balcony, where the bathroom windows will go.

That deck is going nowhere – major new reinforcement in the form of 2 new beams and alternating supports.

Topher and Josh enjoy a moment in the (somewhat overgrown) back yard.

Today marks the day when all the really pretty stuff starts making its way in, kicking off with a bang this week with the windows. This is getting good.

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