Progress update: insulation!

This is one of those (rare) really quick “get in there and take photos today because by Monday it’ll look different again” phases: insulation. Apparently a team can come in and insulate a 1,600 square foot house in one day – my kind of tempo! While we were in the tropics, and in the days following our return, we got the green light to proceed from three key inspectors: plumbing, electrical, and framing. So now that all the guts are done, we can start working the stuff you can actually see.

But before we get there, here’s what some of the insulated rooms look like (all photo credits go to Josh this week, who snapped the shots with his cell phone. Apologies for any related quality issues; I tried to “correct” some of the inevitable light and color aspects and fear I only made things worse).


Living room ceiling.

Upstairs bathroom.

Upstairs bathroom skylight.

Here’s a rare peek at the back of the house with the plywood off. What a breath of fresh air! The post running down on the left will delineate the deck door from the bank of windows that run from the right of the post all the way to the far corner. Pretty sweet view, eh?

The guys had the plywood off so the could apply the proper flashing all along the edges. This step is necessary before… drum roll please… the new windows are installed! I don’t want to jinx it, but it could happen as soon as next week. I think I’ll cry the first time I see those bad boys in place.

The other side of the deck, included here for no other reason than pure view appreciation.

I’m not sure what’s on Caruso’s agenda for Monday’s site meeting, but I have arranged to meet with David VanDommelen, the color consultant Mike Caruso recommended to help us figure out what color our floors should be. Oh yea, I don’t think I mentioned that since we made the flooring decision, we received astronomical bids and had to go back to the drawing board. The path we’re taking now is to install basic unfinished oak strip, stained a custom (and perfect, of course!) color with David’s expert help. This will cost about half what the engineered floors would have, and frankly has better odds of leaving us with even more gorgeous floors. Win win. I am also hoping to work with David to take our existing furniture and all the finish decisions we’ve already made and help us choose some gorgeous paint colors for a few walls I have in mind. This is the REALLY fun part!

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