One step forward…

two steps back. Or is it two steps forward, one step back? Either way, this is certainly not been a project of consistent, linear progress. Or should I say, sometimes progress is disguised as a setback.

Previously I wrote about the big excitement of the front entry move. What I left out was the discovery of what we are now calling “bouncy concrete” between the base of the stairs and where the front door used to be. As Shawn put it, “Something they teach you early on in architect school: concrete should not bounce.” Not sure we need architecture school for this lesson, but it’s good to know the experts concur.

So the concrete is gone, and what we are left with is essentially a sandbox.

The view from the master hall…

and from the stairs.

Well, when these things happen, at least we can take comfort in other signs of progress, such as the installation of the kitchen vent duct,

the installation of additional deck support,

the completion of the electrical meter installation,

and the apparent resolution of all remaining plumbing issues!

As a matter of fact, we did pass the plumbing rough-in inspection, which is excellent.

We’re off to vacation Sunday for a week. I may post a photo or two from the trip, or I may just take a break from this, too. Aloha!

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One Response to One step forward…

  1. Annie says:

    We hope you are able to leave everything behind and have a wonderful time!
    Best of Joyce and Larry!

    We are counting our days for our vacation…7 days to go!


    Annie & Peter

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