Construction Update: All about the entry

While there is still electrical and plumbing work going on in various locations throughout the inside of the house, it’s not so dramatic that it warrants any photo updates. Most of the action of the previous week was at the front door; getting the “OK” from the city to proceed kicked that part of the project into high gear.

It’s amazing how much work can go into making a seemingly simple change like extending the front entry out six feet and switching the side of the wall the door is on from the left (facing the front) to the right. Once upon a time, the area looked like this:

Today, it looks like this!

This is shot closer up, but what you can see here is the same post as above stripped of the stucco, all of the stucco off the wall, and a new concrete foundation below. There is also a big dirt gap between the concrete and the entry, so walking in the house is a tricky proposition.

Here’s the left-hand wall, shared with the garage. Before too long, this wall will be inside the house, though you won’t see it as it will be hidden by a new coat closet.

This is my attempt to show what you’ll see when you open the front door. Right now, the stairs are behind a window and the door is just to the right of this shot. By putting the door where I am standing, not only will here be about six more feet of landing between the entry and stairs, but you’ll be facing the stairs right from the get-go!

This is a view of the new front door location from the existing front door opening.

And the view to the street (and our neighbor’s Prius – so San Francisco) from the current front door. We are going to keep the path in the same location, so exactly what it will feel like to zig-zag to reach the new front door is a bit of a question mark. I feel pretty confident we can figure that once the new framing is in and we don’t have to navigate around a wheelbarrow and dirt pits to test the approach.

And what will said new front door look like? Well, we’re still working on it. The current plan is to choose one that relates to the garage doors we’ve chosen – these:

Aluminum frame (like our new windows) with frosted glass. So far we have one drawing provided by Blomberg, the window folks:

This is the interior view, so the door opens towards you to the left, against that stair wall. The frame is aluminum and the glass is frosted. To tell you the truth, this is not at all what I had in mind when we started this grand adventure (I kept thinking I wanted color on the front door) but in terms of cohesion with the rest of the exterior, this makes a lot of sense.

Getting this bad-boy framed is the final step before drywall goes up (well, once the new entry electrical is installed and it passes inspection, that is), so the heat is on to get this DONE.

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