Flooring decision made!

Well, that was fast, wasn’t it? Being a deadline-driven person by nature and loathe to be the renovation bottleneck, I focused a good bit of time and energy last week on choosing new floors. When I wrote my previous post I had actually already gone through 2 rounds of samples – one, many months ago and the other just last week. In both cases, none of the choices wowed us. What that process did provide, however, was some direction and help in determining what NOT to do.

Round three proved to be the most fruitful to date. This time, Josh was able to hit the flooring showroom with me PLUS I actually remembered to bring all of my other materials samples this time. Having two sets of eyeballs look at the options along with our other already chosen items (cabinets, sofa, area rugs…) helped us identify two favorites: one light and one dark.

The light one.

The dark one.

(These are both maple and actually have the same plank width, even though the dark one appears narrower).

Lucky for us, right after the trip to the showroom we were due for a weekly site meeting, so we brought the samples right into the house and placed them upstairs where the floor makes the greatest impact. We solicited many opinions: Mike C., Mike S., Shawn, and Terry all weighed in. When placed along side all of the upstairs materials, the dark floor was the clear front-runner: everything came together in a perfectly unified group. The light floor, while still beautiful, just did not offer the same “wow” factor. Yes, it’s dark, but it has a lovely, warm brown component to it that’s super yummy.

Here are a couple of brochure photos of the floors installed; keep in mind the furniture is not ours…

(OK, so that furniture isn’t our style, but I’d take the ocean view in a heartbeat!)

(This crazy furniture group just makes me more excited to see our choices on this floor.)

So why not just pull the trigger and order the dark floor? We were worried about putting this color in the master suite, which doesn’t get nearly the same amount of natural light as the upstairs gets. Surely you can see where this is headed…

That’s right: we decided to use both! Upstairs = dark, downstairs = light. While I am a little nervous about having two floor colors (meeting in the entry – the transition will be the staircase), I think in the long run it’s the right way to go.

I added the floor photos to my Pinterest boards – click on over there to see how they looks with all the other selections we’ve made: Here is the upstairs, and here is the downstairs (ignore the dark floor photo – I added it by mistake and now can’t figure out how to get rid of it).

There’s been a bit of construction progress this week – stay tuned for some updated photos and other random decisions we made along the way.

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5 Responses to Flooring decision made!

  1. Joyce Stupski says:

    Just remember that every little itty bit of lint, dog hair, car hair, etc. shows up like a neon sign on a dark floor……We’re very aware of it given our very dark floors! No problem, of course, if you like to clean.

  2. Annie says:

    Boy, do I agree with Joyce. Even though our new floor are not dark. It is a constant battle to keep Katie’s hair off the floor which is impossible!

    By the way, I love the Jere piece.

  3. Hi there! First time commenting…

    We did the exact same thing in our house — dark maple floors in our upstairs bedrooms/hallway and a light maple floor in our living room downstairs. I love how both turned out. The bedrooms seem cozier with the dark floors, and the living room is nice and bright.

    Re: the previous comments about dirt — I actually notice dirt on our lighter floors more than our darker floors, but we don’t have pets so maybe that makes a difference. Either way, regardless if dirt is visible, wood floors are much easier to keep clean than carpet, and they don’t hold dust, germs and allergens like carpet does. (And to me, choosing a floor because it disguises dirt is icky! If there’s dirt, I want it gone whether I can see it or not.)

    I think your choices are going to look awesome. Can’t wait to see them installed.

    • sf_maida says:

      Hi Emily!
      Thanks so much for the comment – I am a faithful reader of your blog and appreciate you sharing your experience with me.
      Since I wrote this post, we actually changed direction regarding flooring, mostly because of cost. Instead of engineered floors, we are going to install oak strip and work with a color consultant to develop a custom stain. This is actually a much less expensive option AND gives us maximum flexibility. So… we may still go with two different colors, or we may find one color that works for both floors. Either way, it’ll be a fun process! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

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