A couple of fun developments

Josh made a quick trip to the house this afternoon to pick up a few packages and was kind enough to snap a few quick pics and email them to me. I’m working from home today.

First up: the snazzy master bath tub! I am a self-professed soaker; nothing helps melt away the stresses of the day like a good long luxurious soak with the latest issue of The New Yorker. After much hemming and hawing we decided to splurge a bit on this item based on how much joy it will bring (me) and the potential for making it a visual centerpiece of the room. This is what it looks like in all its styled glory:

It’s made by a Canadian outfit called WetStyle. Freestanding tubs are most often made out of acrylic, which can feel pretty, ahem, cheap. So for months I resisted the notion of freestanding tubs altogether because I was more motivated to slip into a nice, solid cast iron tub at the end of a long day. But these crafty Canuks developed a proprietary material they call “WETMAR,” described thusly:

“WETSTYLE’s commitment to green-minded products and practices led the company to develop WETMAR™, a proprietary, patent-pending, environmentally responsible material.

Used in WETSTYLE’s entire line of bathtubs and lavs, it is made from a high quality natural stone composite that may be 100% recycled to create new WETSTYLE products.

Non-porous and more durable than acrylic, WETMAR™ is slip resistant, exceptionally strong and thermogenic meaning it is a great insulator keeping water temperature warmer than other traditional bathtub materials.

WETMAR™’s durability, as demonstrated by its performance in high-traffic locations including some of the world’s premier hotels, keeps replacement costs and related energy expenditures to a minimum.”

It’s the perfect middle ground.

So the big excitement is that the tub is now physically in the house! Look!

Isn’t it gorgeous? Ha! Just like the kitchen cabinets, it came well protected and must remain so until the very minute it can be installed in place. Josh was able to take a peek, though.

Pretty groovy, eh?

Next up: front entry. Maybe someday when I have a lot of time on my hand I’ll write about the process we had to undergo to obtain this second revision to our existing permit, but for now suffice it to say there were a number of people involved, and we all endured some measure of consternation over what we could get by the city planning department to get an over-the-counter permit and not have to go through a neighborhood notification drill. The outcome is that we got the permit to do the most (IMHO) important part: bump out and move the front door. Other exterior changes (like removing the shingles) will have to wait until we have the time, patience, and budget for a more involved phase of work.


Here you can see a fascinating discovery:

Underneath the wood post is pre-existing foundation! What this tells us is that, once upon a time, the front door was EXACTLY where we are going to place it. Somewhere along the line, some “enlightened” soul decided to move the front door closer to the interior stairs, creating a cramped and awkward entrance experience. This is great news because it means we began this part of the project ahead of where we thought we’d be. How often does that happen?

Here’s Mike Singer hard at work, making sure all the footing and re-bars are sufficient to support the new entry wall and front door.

This change will have a huge impact; yes, we are exchanging exterior for interior space, but I am confident it’s a trade-off we’ll be really happy we’ve made.

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One Response to A couple of fun developments

  1. Diane says:

    Cool tub!

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