Weekly update: mostly electrical

It’s a glorious sunny day here in the San Francisco Bay Area – perfect weather for a 90-minute drive south to check up on the construction. It appears that the bulk of the work since my last visit has been in the electrical department, threading all the cables between fixtures, switches, and outlets. Speaking of outlets:

A brand new one, in the kitchen! Woo hoo! This is going to end up under the sink, hidden by the cabinet. I suspect it’s where the garbage disposal will go.

This is exciting, because it means we will be able to hang a chandelier over the dining room table. I’ll spare you any additional photos if electrical wires now and move on to another somewhat thrilling development: shower plumbing.

It’s a little tricky to see, thanks to the light streaming in from the newly liberated skylight in the upstairs bath, but right up the middle there you can see the copper pipe which connects the new shower to the tub faucet plumbing. One of the big changes in this bathroom was the elimination of an original separate shower and addition of a shower-over-tub as a replacement.

Downstairs, the big development is the installation of pocket doors!

In this shot, I’m standing near the rear of the master bath, with the shower behind me. On the left here is the throne room, straight ahead is the bathroom door, and behind that is the doorway leading to the master closet.

This is a view from inside the master closet. The door to the right is the one you can see in the above photo, leading to the hallway and bathroom. The door on the left, when closed, will shut the bedroom off from the hall, bathroom, and closet. The idea is that you can close that door so one person can sleep while the other showers and dresses.

After touring around and shooting some photos (and video! I have to play around with it before putting it on this blog) we headed to one of our favorite spots, Canyon Market, and grabbed some salads and other picknicky food. Back to the house we went to enjoy a little lunch in the very sunny backyard.

Gardener Brad and the boys are taking really great care of the garden during the construction, as evidenced by this new crop of bright red blooms at ground level:

Topher was happy to spend a little time in his backyard, too.

The Angela Adams yarn cards arrived, so now I can really get to furniture planning. By the way, have you seen the master bedroom board I created at Pinterest? Next: living room.

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