The May travel blitz is over… time to get back to business!

I cannot tell you how relieved I am that May ends this weekend. It was a crazy month for both me and Josh work-wise, including travel that had one of us out of state for 3 weeks out of the month. From a professional and intellectual point of view, my trips were gratifying (we were researching the education systems in Pennsylvania and South Carolina), but they really inhibited my ability to focus on this project. So – on to June we go!

Before taking off last weekend, I did have a chance to stop by and snap a few photos for the posterity files.

Though it may not look like it, this is our new kitchen! The cabinets arrived right on schedule, but clearly (as you’ll see in a minute) we are still not ready to install them. They were packed up so nicely I had to resist the overwhelming temptation to peel back even one little corner to look at the final color. Torture.

See what I mean about the kitchen not being ready?

It was great to see some of the electrical wire in place. And see that sloped line drawn on the plank in the middle? That indicates the spot in the ceiling over the island where we are going to create a gentle cove which will house the fan and 2 task lights.

Let there be light! This is an existing skylight in the upstairs bath that used to have a sheet of frosted plastic at ceiling height. Our other skylight in the stairwell never had one so we decided to make them match to let in waaaayyyy more light.

This wall in the TV room has been the subject of much discussion over the course of the project. Once upon a time we were going to festoon it with wood paneling and create a hidden door leading to an A/V closet. Well, that option turned out to be prohibitively expensive, so we decided to just knock it down, push it back about 2 feet so it meets the bathroom wall, and then build a cabinet on either side to regain some storage space. We’ll use this space to hang our TV still, but we’ve designed it so that it can also fit a queen size bed (handy for resale). Here it is in plan:

It was great to see the plywood go up because now we can sense what this room will feel like, along with the bathroom on the other side. Once upon a time, that wall had a door and full shower in it; now it’s just a nice, smooth, plain wall.

Ah, the science of shower valve placement. More mock-ups to help us decide where we want to turn the shower heads on and off. We ended up not moving them at all.

And finally…

Though it may not look like much, this was one of the most exciting discoveries last weekend – laundry plumbing! I swear, out of all the changes we’re making, this is one that thrills me muchly.

We’re only going to the City (yes, here in San Francisco we capitalize the “C” – obnoxious, really) once this weekend, most likely on Sunday. I pray I will be able to see some changes afoot!

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