When the appearance of studs gets you down, just think about furnishing your bedroom!

… at least that’s my strategy.

I’m sure once the house is done and we’re living in it again I’ll forget all about this stretch, but in the interest of capturing all the ups and downs of this project I must be honest and say I have reached an emotional low point. The excitement and fast pace of demolition is a distant memory, and week in and week out it’s very hard to see significant progress. Most of the walls are gone, many of the windows are gone, the house is cold and dusty and just plain sad. The only thing worth taking a picture of at our Monday meeting was the collection of kitchen cabinets delivered that morning – and even those are covered up with a lot of packing materials (thank goodness – they came down from Seattle) and drop cloths.

Oh woe is me – boo hoo. OK – that’s enough feeling sorry for myself. When I start to feel like this thing is going to go on forever, I shift my focus to the stuff that I love most, like rugs and paint color.

Since my last posts about carpets and bedroom nightstands, I’ve done a little more thinking and am heading in a new direction.

First, the nightstand conundrum. After getting all exited about the Room and Board Stinson nightstand, I consulted a salesperson at our local Room and Board when I went to order our sofa to see if it would work with our Calvin bed. The verdict: no. The two maples are too different, the bed we own having a knottier look than the maple used in the Stinson line. Bummer. Back to the drawing board. The Room and Board guy and I did a little brainstorming which led me back to thinking that painted nightstands may be a better option, since any wood is going to look dumb next to our wood bed frame. I’m not inclined to go crazy with nightstand color, so I’m looking for more in white. To add to the collection, I have located a couple more.

This is the IKEA Trondheim. The description claims there is a drawer, but it’s hard to tell from the photos where it is or how it operates. I like that it’s not too blocky, but I can’t say I’m head over heels for it.

This is the Matchbox, from CB2. It’s cute, eh? I’d be happier with it if it had a truly open section, but the customer reviews on the site are positive and apparently the finish is high gloss, which is a plus in my book. Compare this with the favorite from the last round of research, the West Elm Niche:

This piece is more mid-century, less modern. Has a bit of a Jonathan Adler “happy chic” vibe, which appeals to me. The fact that I return to this one repeatedly is probably a sign…

One final (maybe) material option is some metal of some kind. Could be cool, could be lame. One fun contender is the Locker Bedside Table from PB Teen (yes, PB Teen. You’d be surprised how many grown-ups buy furniture from them):

Fun! And what’s more, the drawer comes in 11 colors:

I don’t know. Not exactly the calm, subdued feel I’m trying to achieve in there.

I think it’s time to take a field trip to West Elm and see the Niche in person.

There’s more to the bedroom furnishing fantasy, but I’ll save that for my next post!

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