A new direction in area rugs

Just last week we welcomed a new area rug in to our home. We were (and still are) happy with how it looks, but it may have already been replaced! Over the past couple of weeks, I have been cruising the Web for bedroom area rugs and was really all over the place; I wanted to keep it fairly neutral, knew a lot of it would end up under the bed, didn’t really want it to make a big statement, but was also worried about it being too boring. I went through three rounds of ordering samples from The Perfect Rug before Mom finally stepped in and said, “You know, these all look kind of, um, old fashioned.” Say no more! I also ordered some Flor samples, hoping they wouldn’t look as industrial as I recall from a previous project. Sadly, they were.

Thanks to some poking around I was doing for a colleague of mine, I continued to search Overstock.com and Homedecorators.com for options. None of the rugs I found got rave reviews from Josh or Mom.

Then, a breakthrough, in the form of another Mom prompt: “Why does the neutral have to be so boring? How about something like an ochre?” Ding!

For years I have drooled over the designs of Angela Adams. When we spent a few weeks in Maine 2 summers ago, I made sure to visit her showroom in Portland. Once upon a time, I dreamed about putting this rug in our living room:

So, as soon as Mom said, “ochre” of course this popped right into my head. This could look pretty amazing in our bedroom  – here’s a little floor plan showing the 9×12 version of this in proportion to our actual room size, bed dimensions, and womb chair:

Because this piece and all things Angela Adams have been on my radar for so long, one idea now is to use her as the unifying element between all area rugs in the house. Having the rugs relate without matching is certainly a goal, so this may be a really fun way to accomplish that.

Hence, a different living room rug.

This is the Birch – Morning design. Love the colors, love the design – esp. since we are putting birch wallpaper up on one wall in the kitchen. The rug comes in an 8′ round version, which we have already established is the perfect size.

In the two front rooms, we’re thinking of the Canopy design, in Breeze for the office:

And, for the TV Room, Indigo:

How gorgeous is this, by the way? Those blues with that green simply knock my socks off.

So before I go totally crazy and help send Ms. Adams’ kids to college, I have ordered some yarn cards so I can see the colors up close and personal. They should arrive soon, and I suspect they will help us decide if this is indeed the direction to take.

You know, all this virtual furnishings assembly makes me wish I knew enough about PhotoShop to make virtual mood boards… The author of Making it Lovely, Nicole Balch, crates the best I’ve seen. To wit:

I’ll have to add this to my list, somewhere between “finish the 5 bead necklace projects I’ve started,” “learn how to REALLY use my new camera,” and “figure out what the heck I’m doing in Lightroom.” Hey, it’s good to have goals, right?

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One Response to A new direction in area rugs

  1. Annie says:

    Love the birches and canopy design! Are you for hire? :>)



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