Life gets in the way

Last week was so crazy I barely had time to even stop by the house, let alone write any posts about it. Topher went in for emergency surgery Friday, First Graduate’s annual Cap and Gown was Friday night, and on Sunday I left for a work trip to PA for 4 nights. On the Saturday morning after Cap and Gown, however, we did make a quick trip over there to look at all of the new electrical cans and unroll the rug I bought on to determine if it’s a keeper.

First, some of the electrical excitement (and, no, it’s not an oxymoron).

This is the living room ceiling with some of the new recessed cans placed for our approval. None of them were wired yet, but it was pretty amazing to see that in just one day, Donovan the electrician had placed every can throughout the whole house so we could make sure they were in the right spot. While I was out of town, Josh met with him and the contractor to review the placement and proposed switch locations and give the go-ahead to wire away! Needless to say, what we ended up with is way more extensive than what we had originally budgeted for, but electrical is not the place to trim the budget, especially when you make discoveries like this:

There were several of these hiding behind our front room walls; once-upon-a-time electrical fires that someone had addressed with an application of electrical tape and a drywall patch. I don’t know about you, but I’m OK with spending a few extra dollars to buy some peace of mind.

Before leaving for a week, I was dying to take a look at the living room rug I ordered online. To refresh your memory, the only photo available was this one:

The big question was what this would look like in the round version. Well, now we know!

Other than being a little wrinkled from the trip, the biggest surprise is the color of the middle “orange” section. In the first photo, it looks much deeper than it is in reality. I would have been happy with either, as once there’s a big sectional sofa surrounding it and a cocktail table on top of it, these blobs will be more suggestions of colors than anything else — and we don’t plan to “match” these to anything specific, either. I’m really looking forward to seeing it with the rest of the living room furniture – so far I feel optimistic that it’ll work out well!

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