Week 9 Update

Nine weeks we’ve been at this. On the one hand, it’s hard to believe because it feels like we just started; on the other, moving out feels like forever ago. Our schedule as of now has us going 21 weeks total, so we are inching ever closer to the halfway mark.

I can’t say this week’s update is the most exciting to date; seems the emphasis last week was (still) on rough-in plumbing. Even so, documentation is important for posterity. So – may I present – copper pipes! Ta da!

I’m guessing most of this is actually kitchen-related, as it runs through what will someday be a towel niche wall in the master bathroom. I took other photos of a similar persuasion in the rest of the master bath and in the kitchen, too, but we’ll just let this one serve as a representative sample. Sorry – plumbing just is not that interesting.

I did take a couple of photos in the master suite, too.

In this photo I am standing in the bedroom, looking at the wall to the master closet.

This is the “opposite” view – standing in the closet, looking toward the bedroom. Not super thrilling, except it shows that this wall was moved a few inches to make the beam math work. The result is a slightly smaller bedroom, slightly larger closet (and symmetrical beams!).

The final construction photo for this update – a beam bracket.

This is the “window” end of the monster new living room beam. Well, that about covers the progress this week! Oh – but I can’t end this post without a photo of my trusty assistant:


Standing right where the cook top will be, but he doesn’t know that’s the kitchen island mock-up. Silly guy.

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