My Other Favorite House

While chatting on the phone with Shawn the other day, I remembered that in addition to this house on Dolores St. I have another favorite house in San Francisco! This one is in Glen Park and I first discovered it on my daily commute for my previous job. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Again with the brick. In the case of this house (heretofore known as “Sussex”) the brick is on the top half, which I don’t see as often as I do brick on the lower half. The bottom of the house is painted cinder block, which certainly would not be my material of choice and who knows what these folks had to work with. In any event, I think they did a good job of making it disappear. There’s a bit of brick in the entry way, which ties in nicely with the 2nd floor, and how about that canopy, eh? I like the use of the translucent material there; helps the piece look lighter than it might if it were all metal. And the chains work, too – again, a little more relaxed than hard steel rods. Here’s another angle:

I took this from the sidewalk right in front of the house, which is why the place looks distorted. In addition to an appealing mix of materials, they have also done a great job with landscaping. Leans a bit more towards English Country than I think we’ll go, but it looks really lovely here. The banister there appears to be aluminum or steel, which is a very modern look; but, in this case, softened by the creeping rosebushes.

Those are the only photos I shot that are worth sharing; I took a couple of other really bad ones and was unable to shoot the house from the other street (it’s a corner lot) because one of the inhabitants was sweeping the yard while I was there. I already feel like enough of a stalker when I take these photos, the last thing I needed was to be spotted by the homeowner!

In the case of our house, we need to get rolling on the permit to make changes to the front and in order to do that we need to make some decisions about what it will look like. Based on my apparent affinity for brick, Shawn is working on some drawings that include brick – stay tuned.

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