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Weekly update: mostly electrical

It’s a glorious sunny day here in the San Francisco Bay Area – perfect weather for a 90-minute drive south to check up on the construction. It appears that the bulk of the work since my last visit has been … Continue reading

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Some of the design bloggers I follow have been mentioning a new online design tool, Pinterest. I just created my first board and can already see myself spending hours here, creating boards and following others. I started with the master … Continue reading

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Big change in the counter top department

At the last site meeting I attended, it was time to pull the trigger on the kitchen counter top. Months ago, Josh and I took a field trip out to Eco Home Improvement in Berkeley and discovered a product we … Continue reading

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The May travel blitz is over… time to get back to business!

I cannot tell you how relieved I am that May ends this weekend. It was a crazy month for both me and Josh work-wise, including travel that had one of us out of state for 3 weeks out of the … Continue reading

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A new direction in area rugs

Just last week we welcomed a new area rug in to our home. We were (and still are) happy with how it looks, but it may have already been replaced! Over the past couple of weeks, I have been cruising … Continue reading

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When the appearance of studs gets you down, just think about furnishing your bedroom!

… at least that’s my strategy. I’m sure once the house is done and we’re living in it again I’ll forget all about this stretch, but in the interest of capturing all the ups and downs of this project I … Continue reading

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Life gets in the way

Last week was so crazy I barely had time to even stop by the house, let alone write any posts about it. Topher went in for emergency surgery Friday, First Graduate’s annual Cap and Gown was Friday night, and on … Continue reading

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Furnishing the living room

Even before we embarked on this crazy adventure I was re-arranging the living room furniture. Since moving to this house in September of 2007 I have reconfigured this room with a variety of sofas, chairs, tables, area rugs, and shelving … Continue reading

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Week 9 Update

Nine weeks we’ve been at this. On the one hand, it’s hard to believe because it feels like we just started; on the other, moving out feels like forever ago. Our schedule as of now has us going 21 weeks … Continue reading

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My Other Favorite House

While chatting on the phone with Shawn the other day, I remembered that in addition to this house on Dolores St. I have another favorite house in San Francisco! This one is in Glen Park and I first discovered it … Continue reading

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