Latest obsession: night stands

About a week ago I started thinking more seriously about furnishing the master bedroom. One of the unresolved issues is night stands – the ones we were using when we moved out were both repurposed pieces from our last house and ill-suited in both form and function. So it’s time to find something new – yes!

Back to our inspiration photo for a minute:

Aha. In this case, the headboard is very large and it appears the night stand is a two-piece contraption mounted to the wall. The top section is open and the bottom contains a drawer. I like the open/drawer combo, as all drawers can look too heavy, and all open can look too messy.

If you recall, our bed is new to us and a keeper, and the headboard is the same width as the mattress:

We could certainly still mount something to the wall, and I haven’t ruled that out yet, but I must admit it feels like a big commitment when there might be some perfectly lovely pieces that sit right on the floor.

The first question: to match the bed or not? The inspiration photo opts for the latter, though the night stand material is neutral, so it doesn’t make a huge statement. When I looked for options in white (the neutral that seems to make the most sense – dark brown or black would look too dreary), I found a couple of pretty nice pieces:

This little pair of beauties WAS for sale at the Corrine Robbins gallery at 1st Dibs. I just went back there to look up the price and it appears they have been sold. Given how much this next pair costs (also at Corrine Robbins) they were more than likely way out of our price range.

This little duo of Renzo Rutili Bedside Tables for Johnson Furniture (1950s) will set you back $3,400. OK – so not in our budget, but a good image to keep in mind. Some kind of knock-off of these or the others above would be the direction to take if we wanted a little bit of a retro look. I’m not totally convinced that’s it, though.
This cute little contender comes courtesy of West Elm. It’s part of their Niche storage collection, and will set you back $279.00 each. OK, that’s more like it! It’s understated, has both the drawer and open shelf, and even has tapered legs like our bed frame.

Another option is to get night stands that are the same wood as the bed frame, so they look as coherent as possible. Doing this also runs the risk of looking too “matchy matchy;” bedroom sets are not really our thing. If we were to go that route, we’d get the Calvin night stand from Room and Board ($479.00 for the 26-inch wide version), as seen in this photo:

We don’t have the dresser and our bedding won’t be so overwhelmingly brown, so it wouldn’t look quite this country cabin in our place. I am interested in their use of a different side table on the left there – again, the avoidance of the “matchy matchy” factor is important. I’m not a big fan of that glass table per se, but perhaps we do want to go with something different on one side of the bed. I don’t know – I like the calming effect of the balance of the same table on either side of the bed.

Room and Board also has this adorable Delano night stand, which is also made out of maple (which is what the bed is), though one that I believe is a little less knotty.

Definitely a more modern line than the Calvin piece, and the aluminum base offers a little airy feel (our new windows throughout the house will be aluminum framed, so this is an element we may pick up here and there). The more I look at this, the more I like it, though I wish the back were open instead.

The last Room and Board contender is the Stinson.

Very similar to the Delano, but all wood. The drawer appears to be a bit taller, too, no? It’s also about 1/2 the price of the Delano, which in my book is a plus! But, again, the wood back. Hm. But wait!

Look closely at this photo – see the blue of the wall poking through between the drawer and the shelf? It appears it may be possible to eliminate that bit – this intrigues me a whole lot. I think it’s time to take a little field trip over to the Room and Board showroom to see what this maple looks like next to the Calvin bed frame maple.

So, the search continues. Folks, what do you think? Which direction should we take? And who could have ever imagined I would crank out 780 words about night stands?

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