Progress report: rough-in plumbing

Not the most enthralling of topics, but I’ll take progress wherever I can get it. Saturday’s visit revealed the plumber’s been at work, getting some of the plumbing guts in place.

In the basement, under the master bathroom

The throne room gets the first signs of a throne

What appears to be new shower copper pipe and waste line (and Topher's rear end!)

Full view of new copper at vanity

Besides showing the glorious new copper pipe (and another shot of Topher’s rear – what is it with that dog?), this photo also contains a view into how the crew lays things out on site. All those words and lines on the strips of Thermo Ply indicate specific locations of things like rough-in plumbing, vanity height, top and bottom of mirror, etc. Pretty handy!

I also noticed that the drywall is back in place in the future laundry closet. You can also see the new header there at the top. Remember, just last week you could see through to the basement steps; other than adding the header I’m not sure what’s different here. I’ll have to ask during our weekly meeting on Monday.

Is it wrong to be so over the moon about a laundry closet?

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