Envisioning… the TV Room

Our house has two original bedrooms on the main floor, both with big windows that get southern sun in the afternoons. Since we moved in we’ve always used one as a TV room and the other as “Josh’s office.”

Very rough hand-drawn floor plan done by yours truly a few months ago

“Bedroom 2” in this drawing is where the TV room will be. “A/V and storage” is a new closet being created by eliminating the separate shower stall in “Bath 2” and walling off what used to be a coat closet door at the top of the landing. We are going to hang the flat-screen TV we already own on that A/V wall in Bedroom 2, run the cables through the wall, and store all the components on the other side. Pretty slick eh? Out of site! The components, storage, and ventilation are all under Josh’s purview, and I’m really OK with that. So I have the task of planning wall colors, furniture, rugs, etc.

One decision we’ve made is to apply some strips of MDF on the A/V wall to create a geometric pattern for visual interest and to hide what will be a “secret” door to the left of the TV providing access to the A/V closet. This photo provided the inspiration:

Geometric wall panels

I always knew the door would have to be hidden, but for a while I wasn’t sure about what. For a bit, I thought the paneling should be wood, but it’s hard to pull that off without it looking too groovy, if you catch my drift. I don’t think we’ll go with dark gray, though, as we found a sofa we really like and it also happens to be dark gray (the other fabric is khaki, which is all wrong for our color scheme). Having both in a relatively small room (11×13) would be pretty gloomy.

The sofa is IKEA! It’s the “Manstad:” (Be sure to pronounce it like we do, with the emphasis on “man.”)

IKEA Manstad Sofa

Though I haven’t yet drawn it in plan, both Josh and I saw it in person and the proportion feels right for the room – not too big. It’s also comfortable – seat not too deep, back not too low. And, here’s the coolest thing: the space under the chaise is storage, and the bit under the love seat portion pulls out to form a big comfy space for lots of lounging, or, with a set of sheets, a guest bed:

Manstad made up as bed

This sofa will get a lot of use, both human and animal, so we’re also pretty happy about the $699 price tag. We’ll see how well it holds up, but better at this price than what a sofa from Room and Board or Crate and Barrel costs ($2,000+).

In addition to the wall panel and sectional sofa, I’ve got my eye on a cool gray and white geometric rug.

Dash and Albert Circle Fret rug

I think we’d go with an 8×10, or maybe even the smaller one (5×8) and really just have it be under the sofa. This is where drawing the plan will help a lot.

I still have to find curtains and side tables. There’s also a big blank wall to think about (it’s the one on the left in the floor plan) and when I draw the floor plan I’ll be able to see how much space there’ll be between the chaise and the wall. If it’s minimal, we’ll make it an art wall. If there’s more, maybe something else like shelves? Stay tuned.

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