Latest Progress

Today Josh and I made what is becoming a regular Saturday pilgrimage to the house, when we can stand wherever we want without worrying that rogue screws will fall on us (this happened last Tuesday) and enjoy the progress in peace.

Last week was all about framing, framing, and more framing. The most noticeable change is the official throne room framing – what was there previously was just a mock-up to help determine the dimensions.

Super duper throne room

Now it’s much easier to imagine what this will look like when the walls are finished. The toilet will be on the wall to the right as you enter, facing the left-hand wall. We think it may be a little tight to close the door, but crossing our fingers that it works out OK.

The crew also framed out the recessed shower pan:

Recessed shower pan

This is a really slick suggestion made by our contractor, Mike. Doing this means you don’t have to have a traditional shower curb on the two outside edges; instead, we will install glass along the edge where Josh is standing and attach it to the wall next to the window. The shower entrance is the other exposed edge, where we plan to have no glass at all. The shower stall is large enough that we do not worry about water spray; besides, that entire side of the bathroom is going to be tile, floor-to-ceiling.

Progress was made in the bedroom, too, where one beam was shifted a few inches in order to achieve better symmetry.

Moved beam at bedroom sliding glass door. Good thing it's in the right place!

Looks like the post still needs to be added:

Beam lacking a post (for now).

Upstairs, it appears that all the framing for the new ceiling is done!

Josh is ready to whip up some chicken fricassee and tostones!

And look! Insulation! So neat and tidy.

New framing and insulation at fireplace top

We’ve moved our weekly site meetings to 9:00am Mondays so that Topher can spend the whole day with Brenda and her small dog play group again. This week we review the budget and schedule, which is necessary (in fact, I asked for it) but I dread it. I do know that once we order the windows, it’ll take 2-3 weeks for them to arrive; same with the master bath tub. I also know the kitchen cabinets are scheduled to arrive the week of May 10, so May could actually be a really exciting month! One can hope.

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