Designing the master bedroom

When it comes to the master bedroom, not a whole lot is changing. Well, except that it will be about 4 inches smaller (we need to move a wall for a host of other reasons), will have all new windows (the same dimensions as the old, but updated and no longer penetrable membranes to the exterior elements!), and there will be five beams running the width of the ceiling where there weren’t previously. Two of them are existing and structural; three are purely for aesthetics. And like the living room beam, they will be covered in sheet rock and painted the same color as the ceiling. Doing this enables the rest of the ceiling in there to raise about a foot (sense a theme here? Yes, this house will feel much taller when we’re done with this renovation).

I know this sounds like a lot, but none of this has a significant impact on furniture planning. So I’m starting to think about what the bedroom should look like. Luckily, we are starting with some great furniture we already own. To wit:


The king-size bed we broke down and bought to accommodate the whole “family” (2 humans, one dog, and 2 cats).

Brown and tan Womb Chair

One of two Womb Chairs we own; this one used to be in Josh’s office.

Blu Dot Chicago 8 Shelves

This bookshelf, which in this photo is in the living room. (We must be total computer geeks – this is the second photo in which there is a Mac at the ready!)

We even already own curtain rods we love: from Pottery Barn.

Slick curtain rods

We also already have bedside reading lamps we really like. For a while I thought we should get the wall-mounted version of these hardwired, but now I think that may just be an added expense and too much of a commitment.

Artimide Tolomeo desk lamp

This about does it for bedroom furniture. And with a massive master closet in the works, there’s no need for any clothing storage in the bedroom itself.

So what I’m thinking about now is color scheme: wall paint, rugs, curtains, bedding. Up until about an hour ago, I was heading down a “high contrast” plan: some black and white with one or two bold colors. This was based on a Dwell for Target sheet set I bought right before we moved out (no photo – can’t find one – sorry). But now that I look at our existing furniture again (woods, brown and tan chair), think about the tile we’ve chosen for the adjacent master bath (see below), and consider the emerging color scheme for the main living floor upstairs, I am reconsidering — and leaning more towards softer neutrals. I also ran across a photo of a bedroom wall that makes me swoon:

So relaxing, right?

I love the color behind the bed – soft, calm gray-blue. I also think that metallic wall sculpture is to die for, and if it’s not too heavy, could actually be hung above the bed in earthquake-prone San Francisco (these are things we must consider, people!). A neutral rug is something I’ve had in mind all along, as I don’t really feel we need to make a big statement with that piece. The pop of lime green on the bedside lamp, cute yellow flower vase, and luxurious aqua accent pillow provide fun pops of color – none of which require major commitments. Perfect for a Gemini gal who thrives on change.

In the master bath, we have chosen a very neutral color palate, with “flint” tile flooring (12×24), creamy white large tile (12×35) on the shower walls, and a smoky gray and blue and brown tile for the shower floor and vanity back splash:

Shower floor glass tile

There’s more blue in this in real life than what’s showing up in the photo.

In the case of our bedroom, we must consider the new floor color: white oak matte finish. Very hard to represent in a photo online, but this comes close:

Matte finish white oak floor

Normally I wouldn’t have the floor and bed frame so similar, but we’ll just have to work with it here. The headboard is actually quite low and typically concealed behind pillows, so in reality you don’t see so much of the bed anyway. So a soft blue color behind the bed would work really well.

Rug-wise, I keep thinking about Flor carpet tiles. Pros: customizable size, you can replace sections that get mucked up, recyclable. Cons: can look industrial and not feel soft enough. Most of you reading this know our dog Topher has seizures, so no rug at all is out of the question. He needs a soft place to flop around in the inevitable event he’s overcome by the demons in the middle of the night. The beauty of Flor is that it’s really easy to clean (suffice it to say that doggy seizures can be messy – ick), and if cleaning no longer works, we could just replace the ruined squares. So the trick is to find a good color (or color combo) and feel. Got some homework to do.

All that’s left is bedding and curtains – things that are easy to change with the seasons and my personal whim. The great thing about those curtain rods is they hang at a standard curtain height and make changing the panels really easy. Between West Elm, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters I could find a lifetime of curtain colors and patterns. Same goes for bedding.

Time to wrap this post up on an unrelated note: Happy Birthday, Dad!

UPDATE (4/17): Thumbing through this book today I saw a photo of an arm chair with a circular side table next to it. It was one of those cheap plywood tables, covered with a piece of fabric, and topped off with a circular piece of glass. Not that this is exactly the way to go for bedside tables, it did make me think that having something round in that room would be a good idea. Most everything so far is square: bed, book cases, rug… So a softer shape might not be a bad idea. I don’t have anything in mind, though I do know it must have concealed storage (we tend to accumulate magazines and need a place to keep them out of sight) and big enough to put the Artimede desk lamp plus a book (at least) on. Let the hunt begin!

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