The experts are pleased with the progress

but for a lay-person like me, it’s hard to see.

We have officially entered the “slowly but surely” phase of the project, the between-demo-and-when-the-pretty-and-fun-stuff-happens time. I did take a few photos last Tuesday, just to document the changes I did notice.

Tne new beam

The exciting stuff in this photo: the big beam running from the rear back to the upstairs bathroom wall (I think I have another shot of that), the joists that are connected to the big beam and running to the east wall (kitchen wall), and the lack of supporting walls! As you may recall, for a few weeks there were 2 sets of 2×4’s constructed as temporary walls that held the roof up. I hadn’t looked at the photo lately, and now that I compare that with this, it’s actually much easier to see how much progress has been made.

The other end of the new beam

Here’s where that beam ends, at the exterior corner of our upstairs bathroom. When all is said and done, this will be sheet rocked and painted the same color as the living and dining room ceilings — the effect will be architectural but not rustic.

Old and new living room height

In addition to the ever-so-neat-and-tidy contractor work table (!), this photo shows the old and (soon to be) new living room ceiling heights. The white strip at the top of the painted section is where the crown molding once was. The new ceiling will sit right at the bottom of the plank above it. We are gaining about 8 inches of height on this side, and 10 on the dining room/kitchen side. With formerly 8 feet ceilings, these additional inches will have a really big impact.

The full effect

This is a fun photo (taken by Josh) that shows how much more spacious this feels without the pantry wall (which used to be right about where the sawhorse is) and raised ceilings. You can also see where the new patio door will be (left of the beam, between it and the fireplace – that thing that’s covered with Thermo-Ply) and where we’ll have the full wall of windows (everything to the right of the beam).

New expanse from entry landing

Once we determined we could and should raise the ceilings, we had to decide where the step-up from the existing ceiling height will be. See that line where the drywall ends? That’s where the ceiling will raise from 8 feet to almost 9 feet. The post represents the edge of the kitchen wall. Thinking about how stunning this will look is what’s sustaining me!

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