Next Up: Laundry

Who ever would have thought that the desire to move the laundry out of the garage would end up causing so much consternation? Taking the washer and dryer out of the garage frees up more space for “garage-like” stuff: motorcycles (Josh’s), convertibles (mine – OK – one convertible – a 1999 Miata), tools, etc. Having the laundry somewhere inside the house would be a sign of the house growing up – just like giving it a proper Throne Room does.

Where to locate the laundry has been a hot topic among our team of advisers (Mom, Tommy, Shawn, Mike, Mike, Steve…) for the past few weeks. The best solution – until yesterday – was inside the master closet, facing out into the hallway.

Mock-up of laundry opening into hallway from master closet

It’s tough to picture where this is from the photo. If you’ve been to the house, this is on the way to the master bedroom, where the door to the bathroom used to be. The idea here was to build the stacked washer and dryer into the master closet and have them face out to the hall, concealed by a big statement barn door. Great solution, except it would require giving up a good chunk of master closet real estate. Boo.

Yesterday we finally remembered to see if the stack would fit in an existing closet, one that is being altered by the addition of the new master bath on the other side. It’s a double closet located right next to the door down to the basement.

Please please please let this work.

That little piece of Thermo-Ply on the floor represents the depth and width of a washer. It fits in that niche. Barely. The doors of the machines would open to the right, against the wall, and because there’s a hallway to the left, there would be just enough room to maneuver. Yes, it could be a little squishy, but it’s own little spot in the house and not eating up precious shoe and handbag storage. The door to this room would be a standard interior door, opening left against the framing you see there – that’s the back of the bathroom. And on that door, we’d install one of these nifty Elfa systems to store detergents, dryer sheets, etc.

So organized!

We need to run this by the experts at the site meeting on Tuesday – after all, there’s plumbing, electrical, and ventilation to consider. We are crossing all our fingers and toes that we can make this work!

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