The word of the week: structure

Now that the demolition is complete, we’ve begun to focus almost entirely on structural decisions, which for the main floor also includes the north wall of windows. Since we are removing a small structural wall up there, we also now have the opportunity to really go for it and remove a real wall post, too. In order to move the beam up into the ceiling, it was time to take the old widows out and put up the plywood.

Windows all gone

Based on this photo you might think we’ve lost our minds and decided to add a new wall between the kitchen and living room:

Holding the roof up

But that’s not the case. These are two temporary “walls” that are holding up the roof until the new header and beam are in. And now that the dining room ceiling has been removed, we have a new decision to make: put it back where it was, or take advantage of the new height and put in a coved ceiling. Of course this raises other questions: do the same in the kitchen? And what about the living room? Luckily, we’ve been able to call in my mom’s architect, Shawn Montoya, to help us with some drawings and advice. Tomorrow we meet with him to look at these options, as well as his thoughts on what the windows should look like. Exciting!

I’ve heard stories of people making all kinds of fascinating discoveries during demolition (old newspapers, beer bottles, and a gun safe – just to name a few from my mom’s remodels over the years) – in our case, so far we have uncovered fairly mundane stuff – an old curtain rod that wasn’t removed when the new master bedroom ceiling was added:

Would it have really been that hard to take this out?

And evidence of the old exterior (see the shingles?):

Old exterior poking through

Then, the inevitable “surprises” that turn up once you start taking ceilings and walls down:


Today was the first time Topher has been in the house in a couple weeks – though it bears no resemblance at all to its former self, Topher seemed right at home. Here he helps Josh inspect the new framing around the asbestos (yes) duct:

"Yep, looks good."

But what he was most excited about was an opportunity to visit his back yard.

The old familiar stomping grounds

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