Demolition ends… and construction begins!

No more debris piles and drywall dust – this week marked the end of demolition.

We stopped by for a quick peek on our way to Burma Super Star (yum!) on Monday evening and discovered that Mike had raised the counter top and island mock-ups so we can get a better feel for what the kitchen will feel like once the cabinets arrive (in May). This week we will finalize the island placement, making sure there’s enough room to open the dishwasher door.

The crew also finished removing all of the original parquet flooring – one bloody plank at a time. Our future TV room:

TV Room to be

One of the items on the “hot list” this week was windows, especially what we are going to put along our rear (north-facing) view wall:

Naked Windows

So far we have determined we can replace the header with a flush beam (or girder) so that the windows can go up to ceiling height, and we’re pretty sure we can also remove that center post and redistribute the load elsewhere along the roof. This would allow us to install one giant integrated unit with sliding doors – something like this. Yes!

Dreamy patio doors

Moving to the lower level now, the guys began to frame the future master bath and closet walls:

Standing in the "hall" between the bathroom and closet

I am standing in what will become the hall between the master bath and closet pocket doors – two doors that will probably be open all the time. In the lower right-hand corner of the photo you can see where the toilet will go; the plan is to build it into it’s own WC for max privacy. In fact…

Door all gone!

The very next day the former (extra and utterly useless) patio door was gone, replaced with the framing and exterior paper beginnings of the rear WC wall.

Things appear to be pretty neat and tidy, until you turn around and look in the opposite direction.

The mess that is our master suite hall

At the end of this view of the hallway is the existing front door. The open door to the right of it is the access to the garage. When all is said and done, the front door will be moved to the left and the front entry will extend out about 6 more feet. The hope is that from this vantage point you’ll see some kind of lovely entry/foyer furniture and have much more space to maneuver. The mock-up here is of the bathroom vanity, which will probably change since yesterday we pulled the plug on the design we’d been working on with Viola Park (my next post will be dedicated to our work with them so stay tuned). We’re also hoping we can eliminate that aluminum dropped ceiling in the hallway – most likely has to do with another decision we have to make: leave those asbestos ducts or change ’em out. The asbestos was a surprise but not a totally unexpected one – most places built in the 50’s will have it somewhere. Lucky for us, it’s intact and can be sealed back up behind the walls OR (if the price is right) replaced with more modern — and less carcinogenic — materials.

That’s it for now, folks. Please do feel free to leave comments – I’d love to know who’s stopping by.

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4 Responses to Demolition ends… and construction begins!

  1. ellen lingar says:

    WOW! I am loving the idea of the sliders on the main floor, particularly the floor-to-ceiling aspect. Walls of moveable glass make me shiver with delight, a feeling that’s doubled when we’re talking about a practically priceless view like yours.

    What sort of materials are you planning on for the kitchen countertops/cabinetry?

  2. mstupski says:

    Hi Ellen! Thanks for the comment – our first (woo hoo!).
    My next post – when I can get around to writing it – will answer your questions about the kitchen. Stay tuned!

  3. Annie B. says:

    Wow, wow, wow! This is not a small project! Given the pictures of what it used to look like, this is a major improvement to the layout.
    Love, love the gliders…what a view!
    Keep posting the pictures.
    A foghill adventure indeed!

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