Ground Floor Demo Recap

Now that we’re all caught up on the kitchen, it’s time to take a look at what’s happened to the ground floor, which is where the master suite is.

Sadly (or maybe not) there aren’t any great “before” photos; what that says is that nothing down there was really worth taking a picture of. Well, except the empty bedroom on move-out day:

The master bedroom on move-out day

Behind where I stood to take this photo is a wall; on the other side of that wall is what used to be the master bath and will become the master closet (and laundry? this is a recent decision, still to be explored fully). And adjacent to the right wall in this photo is a room that used to be a “sitting room” (eh?), which we turned into a master closet thanks to 2 walls of IKEA cabinets. This will become the new master bath.

Original master bathroom shower demo begins

All the tile in that pile came from the master shower and floor. You can also see the remnants of the tub deck to the right.

Master bath: gone!

Two days later, the whole kit and caboodle was gone – even the walls. Now you can see why this makes more sense as a walk-in closet (and laundry?) than bathroom as there are no windows and no way to add any.

I’m standing in what used to be the “sitting room,” in front of the window. This is basically where the bathtub will go. To my left in the corner will be the shower and on the other side of the big pile of drywall is the vanity location. And, yes, that is dust on the camera lens.

A wall-less master suite

Josh took this photo standing where the shower will be. Ahead to the right is the bedroom (which isn’t changing much); ahead to the left is the closet. The rest is hallway – boring!

I realized two things once I got going on this post:

1. I planned to make the images larger. Should I?

2. I totally forgot to write about the upstairs bath! That’ll be next.

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