And so it begins…

It’s only been a week and already so much has happened! Let’s catch up, shall we? We’ll start upstairs, in the kitchen.

Our kitchen on move-out day

This is what our kitchen looked like the day we moved out. Note the paint samples on the wall and cabinets; we lived with some of these for over a year (once upon a time we thought we would paint the cabinets). Finding good homes for all our appliances was a relief, as most of them were only a year old. Things we are really excited to never see again: tile floor, granite counter top, pantry wall, crown molding, microwave, pendant light.

First round of kitchen demolition

By the next day, the crew had already gone to town on a bunch of the drywall and removed the upper cabinets in the kitchen. Taking the dining room ceiling down was essential for seeing how the roof is supported – see that beam running next to the edge of the drywall? That goes from the rear window post to the former kitchen pantry wall – two load-bearing structures we hope to eliminate.

Takin' it to the hideous granite

One of the most gratifying moments to date: smashing the ugliest counter top to smithereens. I was so worried I would be one of those women on “Designed to Sell” who can barely even swing the sledgehammer, let alone do appropriate damage. Thanks to a year plus of BootCamp at 6am 4 days a week, that granite didn’t stand a chance.

Kitchen, sans granite

Later that day, the pros finished removing the granite and started disassembling the base cabinets. You can also get a good look at the kitchen ceiling guts, though what this photo doesn’t show is all the old knob and tube electrical up there (some connected, some not).

First view of the kitchen without the pantry wall

Seeing this change for the first time was thrilling. The decision to remove the pantry wall was not an easy one as that pantry was one of the most appealing aspects of that kitchen purely from a storage perspective. But having lived there for a little over two years now, we came to realize that it was also a major view blocker and had to go. A few floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinets in the new kitchen design should solve the storage issues! When it’s finished, the two posts on the left will be gone and that will be totally open. The wall on the right of the opening (near that crazy “cockpit” of switches!) will be re-built as it’s where the tall cabinets and refrigerator start.

Appreciating the openness

We’re all caught up on the kitchen – Josh took that photo just yesterday. A week ago this photo would have been impossible as there was a full height pantry where I am standing! The big cardboard rectangle on the floor is a mock-up of the island, complete with lines that show how each of the cabinets aligns to create a cohesive whole. All the kitchen walls are down to the studs. And our living room has been turned into a site office; don’t you just love how neat and organized the crew is?

Next post: we move downstairs…

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